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Herbaceous peony

Phoenix White - Feng Dan Bai This herbaceous tree peony selection has white single form flowers, 8 inches in size, with dark glossy leaves and a sweet fragrance. Blooms face upwards, floating like silk on top of the leaves. This herbaceous peony plant is very productive with a vigorous, spreading growth habit. Some peony flowers will have the slightest pink tone when it first open, fading quickly to pure white.
Herbaceous tree peony is easy growing and pets free. Herbaceous peony suited for cutting flowers, because of its brilliant color, big flowers, strong stalk and kinds of flower types. It is not only a good decoration in your home, but also a good performer in your garden. Get your own special herbaceous peony via!

Pink Plate Hold Bead - Fen Pan Cang Zhu Fen Pan Cang Zhu has characteristics as follows: 1. pink bloom 2. resembling the chrysanthemum 3.16cm×8 cm corolla, peachy buds 4. slightly crapy ou…

How to plant tree peony

High quantity paeonia rockii is the featured plants in, and it is also the special peony in the normal peony groups.
1. Trimming The improper conveyance may do damages to seedlings. Prior to planting, upon the damage’s degree, to make seedlings neat or tidy by trimming the broken or damaged roots and branch stems off in part or in whole. 2. Disinfection To soak trimmed seedlings for 15 minutes in the Hexathane diluted in the proportion of 1:500 or in Mildothane of 1:1000 or Allisan of 1:1000, then followed the water washing. For seedlings with ball clay at roots, spraying their stems with above-mentioned liquor. Prior to planting, the disinfected seedlings shall be soaked for 30minutes in 500ppm rootone liquor (an appropriate amount of rootone liquor should be granted to seedlings with ball clay after their planting). 3. Planting 3.1 Pit digging: Pit shall be dug according to the size of root system and ball clay at the root, it should not be narrow at the bottom so as to…