How to choose a good peony

Peonies have long been favoured by gardeners, and for good reason: They are easy to grow, seldom bothered by pests or disease and are beautiful to the eye and often to the nose. After the bloom has gone, the plants are lovely till frost and very often turn an autumnal bronze. They get bigger over time but aren’t invasive. What’s not to like? With just a bit of knowledge you too can grow these wonderful statement plants.
Stroll through your neighbourhood in June when peonies are blooming and take in the sights and smells. See what you like. Visit public gardens or take in a peony show. June is great for picking out your favourites but not for planting. Just planning.
How to choose a good peony
Now’s the time to order peonies from, who will ship your order as bare roots in the fall, which is the ideal time for planting. (And order early as supplies will be limited.) Gansuzhognchuan peony nursery has a great list of growers on their website. Their roots will be far healthier and preform better than the potted peonies you find in garden centres in the spring. Choosing will be difficult because the forms, colours and varieties are endless. You can choose peonies with single or double blooms, peonies that do or don’t require staking, and peonies with little or intense fragrance.
1.The roots should be strong, and the grafting seedlings 2-3 years or more should be suitable for export
2.Choose a company with a reputation for security
3.Find a peony variety that suits you


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