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How to plant peonies

How to plant peonies Pick a mostly sunny location. I always think they do best with a bit of midday shade but that isn’t always an option. Give them space. You don’t want root interference from nearby trees or shrubs. Remember that it will be a big plant one day and plan ahead. Prepare your bed before planting. You want plenty of good, loose soil and organic matter. Instructions will come with your bare roots as to the depth of planting; generally the eyes (at the top of the root) should be just an inch or two deep. There is an abundance of wonderful information online to read over the winter while you wait for your first shoots to emerge. Go ahead, Google it, and you will be a pro by spring.

How to choose a good peony

Peonies have long been favoured by gardeners, and for good reason: They are easy to grow, seldom bothered by pests or disease and are beautiful to the eye and often to the nose. After the bloom has gone, the plants are lovely till frost and very often turn an autumnal bronze. They get bigger over time but aren’t invasive. What’s not to like? With just a bit of knowledge you too can grow these wonderful statement plants. Stroll through your neighbourhood in June when peonies are blooming and take in the sights and smells. See what you like. Visit public gardens or take in a peony show. June is great for picking out your favourites but not for planting. Just planning. How to choose a good peony Now’s the time to order peonies from, who will ship your order as bare roots in the fall, which is the ideal time for planting. (And order early as supplies will be limited.) Gansuzhognchuan peony nursery has a great list of growers on their website. Their roots will be far heal…

what is the growing season for peonies

The growing season for peonies, both tree and shrub varieties, varies somewhat depending on location, but is generally understood to be when the ground in not frozen. This is most often calculated by first and last frost dates. For most locations, this works out to be the majority of the spring and fall months, and all of the summer.
Peonies, like most flowering plants, are dormant during the winter. When the ground is frozen and cold, the roots are usually unable to retrieve nutrients. Instead, the roots typically stockpile needed sugars and minerals during the fall, then cease new growth until the spring.
Areas that do not have defined winters or that only rarely freeze, particularly the tropics or southern coastal regions of Europe and North America, often support longer, sometimes year-round peony growing seasons. Peonies are native to harsher climates, but will sometimes grow in warmer temperatures, too. There is usually still some period of dormancy during the coldest time of the …

A good way to grown peonies(3 rule)
A good way to grown peonies(3 rule) Rule number 1: remember not to plant your peony too deeply. The tuberous roots must not be planted more than about 2.5cm below the surface. If they are planted any deeper they may give wonderful foliage (some of the intersectional peonies, such as ‘Bartzella’ AGM or ‘Julia Rose’ have finely cut leaves which turn crimson red in the spring and autumn and many of the herbaceous or garden peonies have strong red stems and light green soft foliage) but they simply will not flower. If you have a peony in the garden and it isn’t flowering, it is probably because it has been planted too deeply or it has been buried when you have diligently mulched your borders. Just wait until the autumn and then, taking care not to damage the buds on the roots, lift your peony and re-plant it at the right depth. Rule number 2: plant your peony in a sunny position. Although many varieties will tolerate some shade (for example Paeonia lactiflora ‘White Wi…

Top 5 tips to care for your new peony rootstock

Top 5 tips to care for your new peony rootstock.....
1) Firstly, plant the crown no deeper than 5cm (2"). If they are planted too deep they may give wonderful foliage but they simply will not flower.
2) Plant your peony in fertile, free draining soil. Peonies like slightly alkaline soil and are quite happy in clay soils provided that it is free draining. They don’t like to sit in water in the winter.
3) Plant in a sunny spot that gets winter frost. Although many varieties will tolerate some shade, if your peony is in heavy shade it will be reluctant to flower well.
4) Apply lime and potash in autumn (ash from a wood fire is great) and feed with general fertilizer in spring (Blood and Bone is great).
5) And finally ensure they don't dry out in summer. Once established peonies are quite hardy. One plant can produce up to 10 flowering stems.Give them a bit of TLC the first two to three years and reap the bounty. 

The chinese peony

The chinese peony The use of cultural symbolism is a feature of traditional Chinese culture. In the Chinese language and culture and all kinds of art forms often used in a variety of methods, such as metaphor, pictographic, harmonics, etc., in people's life and thought in a specific symbol or implied meaning, and express people's and nation's ideals and wishes, yearning and pursuit. In traditional Chinese culture, the cultural symbolism of flowers is more abundant. In the case of peony, the flowers are elegant and elegant, which lead to a lot of associations, which derive a series of cultural symbolism associated with it, and form
the basic connotation of peony culture

Order peony

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Pink Plate Hold Bead - Fen Pan Cang Zhu

Pink Plate Hold Bead - Fen Pan Cang Zhu Fen Pan Cang Zhu has characteristics as follows: 1. pink bloom 2. resembling the chrysanthemum 3.16cm×8 cm corolla, peachy buds 4. slightly crapy outer petals and crapy inner petals
This is a good choice to make herbaceous peony cutting flower. You can also choose other colorful herbaceous peonies. I think putting kinds of herbaceous peonies together will make a wonderful visual impact. More nice herbaceous peonies on !

Fallen Phoenix Feather - Luo Feng Yu

Fallen Phoenix Feather - Luo Feng Yu This is white rockii peony. The single form is like a globular. The petal is tall and slender, just like feathers. The purple speckle really looks like they were painted on in the bottom part of the corolla. Rockii peony is cold and drought resistant. Medical value is also the outstanding feature of rockii tree peony. Your body would have a freer circulation of blood and vital energy if you strolled in peony garden frequently. Such a good plant I bet you need it! If you want to buy this paeonia rockii online, please visit or contact me.

Long Stem Red - Gao Gan Hong

Long Stem Red - Gao Gan Hong
This purple herbaceouspeony likes illuminated purple pearl, which will satisfy your flower dream completely. Herbaceous peonies are very hardy, drought tolerant, disease resistant perennials. My 150 plus peony plants produce an amazing display in the peak season in Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. And customers are encouraged to visit my nursery; all of them are absolutely stunned by the beauty of peonies. Planting tips: 1. Bare-root peonies should only be planted in the fall as this coincides with the time that their tubers develop most of their feeder roots. 2. Container grown peonies can be planted any time spring through fall. 3. Herbaceouspeony dies back in winter and should have their foliage cleaned away in autumn. 4. Tree peonies drop their leaves but retain their woody structure. Do not cut down your tree peonies.

Chinese tree peony Lotus - Rou Fu Rong

Chinese tree peony Lotus - Rou Fu Rong

Large, showy pink peony blooms make this Chinese tree peony a beautiful addition to your garden. The lovely delicate looking peony flowers will do well as well when planted in containers. has been exporting Chinese tree peonies for 10 years. We provide professional service to many individual peony fans and plants companies. If you want to enjoy a pleasure journey of importing Chinese tree peony from China,

Juan Ye Hong

Juan Ye Hong is a Chinese tree peony with rounded large red blooms 17cm in diameter with strong fragrant peony blooms. This red Chinese tree peony flowers don't fall over in the rain like herbaceous peonies and their opening is staggered over a 2-week period. I think this peony variety will be a bright spot in your garden. If you want to wholesale Chinese tree peony, is always your sincere partner.

Paeonia Rockii-Hong Guan Yu Dai

                                    Red Crown & Jade Ribbon - Hong Guan Yu Dai
Hong Guan Yu Dai is crown form. There are white stripes on every peony petal. This peony lower diam is 18cm x 12cm. Flowering midseason. The speckles of this hardy paeonia rockii are small. It’s growth vigorously. The peony is one of the brightest colors of all tree peonies. Semi-double blossoms of glowing purple red combination. One of the top-grade tree peonies! is a professional website to .export Chinese plants. Choosing always means high quality. 10 years' experience of exporting peonies is a guarantee that you can obviously enjoy the journey buying peonies online.
Peony Tips for Warm Region Gardeners Often the question arises, "I love peonies but live where it may be too warm for them. . . can I grow peonies in my area?" Here's some advice that will help you determine if peonies are likely to thrive in your region. Garden peonies appreciate cold weather during the winter and require at least 30 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures. The goal here is to keep the roots cold, so freezing and thawing weather isn't what's needed. Before buying any type of peony, consider whether you can provide sufficient dormancy period cold weather for your peonies to thrive and bloom. If you live in zones 7 and 8, select peony varieties that bloom early in the season, before your late spring/early summer weather gets too hot. Each cultivar's description on this website includes information as to whether it is an early, midseason or late bloomer. Recognize that zone 8 represents the edge of weather where peonies will successfully b…

Growing Peony instruction

Growing  peony  Instructions
Planting Instructions for Your Bare Root Peonies.
We make special efforts to get your roots to you at the proper time for planting between March ,September 21 and October 17th in the spring and fallhope you take advantage of this and plant the roots immediately. Holding the roots for any length of time before planting defeats the purpose of receiving fresh dug roots that are ready to start growing a new root system and building a strong plant. You may use the small amount of peat moss your order arrived in while planting your peony roots. Selecting a Planting Site Select a well drained site with a rich well aerated soil which receives sun for most of the day. (At least 10 hours is best for stronger stems. More sunlight is better! If you don't have 10 hours of sun you can expect fewer or no flowers. Preparing the Soil Add peat moss at a rate of one part peat moss for every 3 parts of soil if you are growing peonies in sandy soils to improve root growth and ex…

How to Prune a Peony

How to Prune a Peony
Peonies, with their big, flashy, often fragrant blossoms become the focal point of the garden in spring. The flowers only last a week or two, but by planting different varieties together you can extend the season to up to six weeks. Once the flowers fade, you are left with an attractive shrub with deep-cut leaves. Pruning peonies is easy, and they often require no pruning at all. So how do you know when to trim peonies? Continue reading to find out more about when and how to prune a peony. Is Pruning of Peony Necessary? Is pruning of peony necessary, and if so, how do you go about peony pruning? In fact, peonies need very little pruning, but as with any shrub, pruning helps to promote good overall health and the control of insects and diseases. Peony pruning can help maintain the shape of the plant. When to Trim Peonies Herbaceous peonies are tender-stemmed plants that die back naturally in fall and regrow again in spring. Cutting back the dead stems to the ground …

Herbaceous Peony

Herbaceous peonies are a special subset of herbaceous peony that is actually a hybrid, or cross, between two different herbaceous peonies peregrina & lactiflora. This cross has produced unique colors not often found in traditional peonies. The unique characteristics of these hybrids are that they have just one flower on a rather sturdy stem. This makes them excellent cut flowers and amazing garden plants as they remain upright in the garden without staking. The color of coral peonies changes dramatically as they open - as you can see in the above picture of Coral Charm. The flowers begin a deep coral bud and then fade to cream as they open. This results in plants that have incredibly interesting colorways. We especially like corals when they are planted en masse. Coral peonies have the added benefit of being the first herbaceous peonies to bloom. This early flowering time makes them not only ideal for cool climates, zones 3-6, but for zones 7&8 in the south as well.

Japanese Tree Peony

Lutea, sometimes referred to as Delavayi, is a species of tree peony from Tibet that has a bright canary-yellow flower. The flower is pendulous and so some of the cultivars and hybrids that derive from this species have flowers that have tendency to face downward. The main attraction of this group is their unique flower coloring. They bring wonderful yellow, gold, and orange, sunset peonies to the garden. These plants are later to bloom than other tree peonies, tend to be lower growing, and have leaf coverage that is more spreading. These plants are not as cold hardy as the other two tree peony groups. In cold winters or in cold zones, Lutea tree peonies will die back to the ground in winter, but will reemerge beautifully from the root in spring. Of special note is that lutea hybrids are the main tree peony group that has been used to create the intersectional peony hybrids - intersectional peonies have inherited the wonderful colors of the lutea hybrids.

chinese peony


Paeonia RockII


Spring Peony Care

If you have peonies and you are anticipating a large frost after your peonies have begun to sprout you can place an overturned pot or light sheet over the plants just before the frost. This will protect the forming buds from any added stress that the frost can cause, which may hamper the bloom. Just don't forget to remove the covering as soon as possible. Note that this is the safer option. That being said, we have thousands of peonies and rarely cover any of our plants during frost and our peonies still bloom well and remain beautiful. This frost hardiness is especially true for tree peonies that emerge very early in the season. We have had plants with blossoms ready to open get frosted and they have opened beautifully not too long after. Just be careful not to touch your peonies when they are frozen as it will cause them to break.
If your peonies are in full flower (flowers completely open) and you are anticipating frost it is best tocover them to reduce the impact of the frost.

Eternal Classical Peony Cheongsam

The peony, also known as (fu gui rong hua) “flower of riches and honors”, is the national flowers of China. The peony is usually printed on Chinese qipao, not only because of its splendid blooms but also its mysterious connection with the renowned Chinese ancient Beauty Xi Shi. There is a similarity between peony and Xi Shi, that is brave and sympathetic beauty. The peony ranks a unique place in all floras, just like Xi Shi in ancientChina. As a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, Bi Juyi, puts it, only Xi Shi deserves the crown of Beauty, and peony of flora. When a woman wear peony Qipao dress, it always have a feeling of unparalleled sense of beauty.
Peonies are popular in Chinese art. Paintings of the peony are hung in the home for good luck and in offices for good business. Also, these paintings are hung in places of marriage, as the Chinese also regard the meaning of the peony with a man and woman living harmoniously together. This belief goes with their overall tradition of complementary opposites. For the Chinese, it is also a symbol of love and affection and feminine beauty. White peonies represent young girls who are recognized for their intellect and also by their beauty. Red peonies are highly valued because the color is considered life-giving.                                                        
A Romance Poem about Peony
This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready to break my heart as the sun rises, as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers
and they open — pools of lace, white and pink — and all day the black ants climb over them,
boring their deep and mysterious holes into the curls, craving the sweet sap, taking it away
to their dark, underground cities — and all day under the shifty wind, as in a dance to the great wedding,
the flowers bend their bright bodies, and tip their fragrance to the air, and rise, their red stems holding
all that dampness and recklessness gladly and lightly,