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2015 Fall Early Sale Starting

We put a satisfactory end to spring selling of Tree Peony of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. Only 1 batch of shipment, 31 orders delivered to US, UK, Latvia, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Norway, France was arranged on Feb. 10. Almost all the orders were shipped successfully without any delay, except some European countries requested payment of tariff, and 1 order to US was delayed by American heavy snow.
Due to sprouted tree peony was not allowed to export overseas, and keep the plants in good condition, we shall arrange all the orders which are placed in this spring, in Aug. 2015. Currently, it’s high time to place an order for your early fall tree peony. As the limitation of peony stock, some hot cultivars are always out of stock at the end of Sep., like Paeonia Rockii: XUE LIAN(white), YE GUANG BEI(black), RI YUE TONG HUI(multicolor).
Pre-order is strongly suggested.
2015 new peony seeds will be available at the end of Aug.
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