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Peony Book

Today, I’d like to recommend a good book to you. The Gardener’S Peony Herbaceous And Tree Peonies. you guys might notice that the texts I wrote these days were quoted from this book.

It was written by martin page, an excellent peony breeder and expert. It was published by Timber Press, Inc. in 2005. There are 12 chapters, mainly talking about the history of peony, peony types, also some peony breeders and so on.  I have to say it is truly a wonderful book. I learnt a lot from it. in china, we are quite familiar with Chinese species and Japanese species, while not knowing ITOH peonies. after reading this book, I know some original itoh hybrids, like “bartzella”, “border charm”, “callie’s memory”……. Actually, I am more curious about these flowers’ name.  when I saw “first arrival”, a romantic scenery came into my mind. The breeder of this type must be very astonished the moment he saw a lavender-pink flower standing in front of him.
Some day in the future, I have to try some itoh peonies.

life companied with peony