Japanese Tree Peony Shima-nishiki - Dao Jin

Some people may doubt that his or her Japanese Tree Peony Shima-nishiki - Dao Jin do not show like red-white petals. Some people said his Shima-nishiki flower is all red, not any white petals could be found. So he was concerning that somebody sold the wrong cultivar to him.

Actually, this is normal. Shimanishiki is the bud mutation of Japanese tree peony Taiyo. Due to a different growing environment and management, not all the Shimanishiki will have the same color, red and white. According to the records of statistic, some are all red, some are red and white, some are red and pink, also others are pink and white.

Some thought his tree peony is Taiyo when he saw all the petals are red. Pls put this idea away.

Shimanishiki is rose form or lotus form. 1 plant can produce several different tinctorial flowers. florescence is at the end of April.

Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery 


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