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The Differences between Chinese Tree Peony and Japanese Tree Peony

The trees have a few differences and many similarities due to their close relation. SomeJapanese Peonies actually are exactly the same as Chinese peonies but with Japanese names. The Japanese tree peonies were brought to Japan in the early sixteen hundreds. Japan renamed a lot of these trees and also changed the way that some of them grow including but not limited to a different aesthetic design and fragrance differences.
Chinese Tree Peony This flower was originally grown only for the emperor. There are about forty varieties of Chinese tree peonies available for purchase in the United States. These plants are traditionally thought of as an exotic plant and now are readily available for any garden with the right climate. They have flowers that grow with stem counts of three to four. They are fragrant and have multiple colors available.
Japanese Tree Peony This peony was brought to Japan from China in the early sixteen hundreds. The Japanese in an aesthetic decision decided to grow the flo…

Wholesale Japanese Tree Peony Bloom Twice in Spring and Autumn

Unlike other peony plants, ordinary peonies do not blossom in different seasons, but has a mysterious variety of Japanese tree peony named High Noon which can blossom twice in spring and autumn. Because of their unique colors and dual-bloom features, High Noon peonies have become a popular variety among peony growers, what is more, yellow peonies are petite and cute, making them very suitable to grow at home. The huge, ruffled, satin-like flowers are magnificent and the plant is super hardy! Rare yellow Japanese tree peony for salefrom Gansu China, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been specializing in cultivating Paeonia Rockii, Herbaceous Peony, Japanese Tree Peony and Chinese Tree Peony in our 134 hectare of nursery for more than 20 years. Biological Characteristics: resist to drought and disease; Japanese tree peony can blossom twice in spring and autumn. Specification: Branch / eye: 1branch Height: 10-20cm Supply Ability:1000000 plants/year Main Application Areas:modern co…