13 January, 2014

Wholesale Hybrid Tea Rose Bare Root Online

Chinese rose is a common but famous flower in the world, of which, hybrid tea rose have strong resistance, cold-resistance, drought-resistance and pay little emphasis on soil, enjoy light and requiring warm. Hybrid tea rose roots is a fertilizer tolerant plant, if give optimal fertilizer, they will grow strong and have a long and prosperous flowers.

We have floribunda rose plants, climber rose bushes and hybrid tea rose bare roots, which all of them are A-class and with strong disease resistance. We supply all kinds of rose plants for wholesalers on China-plants.com—— a official website of selling high quality Chinese plants.

China-Plants.com is a good place to go, where is the first and the biggest featured plants export mall in China, be launched by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. We will collect the high quality rose plants in china, to meet your demand of various good plants. 10 years exporting experience made us know how to do better. Chinese hybrid tea rose will be giving you a cozy home and it is our mission to transmit beauty to the everywhere of the world.

09 January, 2014

Chinese Rose Bush Supplier in China

Climber rose are naturally disease-resistant, and they require less attention while bearing roses over a long season. Climber rose bushes enjoy light and fertilizer tolerant plant. As ornamental flowers, monthly rose plays a very important role, no matter as fresh cut flower, or as landscape designing flower such as street greening and community greening.

Chinese Climber rose have many advantages themselves: 
bear the trim
extensive management
strong resistance
strong fragrance
various flower shape and many color available

China-Plants.com is our official website; you can buy high quality Chinese plants, especially various peony plants and rose plants. Just click the button “add to cart” on China-Plants.com; Chinese plants will come to your house. Our aim is to build a communication bridge for international customer----“Green Channel” of Chinese plants export from China. 10 years exporting experience made us get many major customers in the world. More quantity, more discount.

03 January, 2014

Export Chinese Monthly Rose Seedlings with Low Price

Monthly roses are one of the most beautiful, traditional, and fragrant flowers that you can plant in your garden, and Chinese monthly rose is the most popular flower that was used to be fresh cut flower in the world. Floribunda rose seedlings are one of the hot varieties. These are the most colorful types of roses, and they are bushy shrubs that bloom freely, creating clusters of three to fifteen blossoms instead of just one blossom on a step. These monthly rose shrubs can be grown individually but look the most impressive when you plant many rows of them next to each other.

These gorgeous monthly rose shrubs don't actually require a lot of care. They are resistant cold and drought. Long flowering time made Chinese rose more famous. Any variety of rose will be a beautiful addition to your garden, adding color and happiness to your home.

In peony business we are more than 20 years, and 10 years exporting China rose experience made us more professional to deal with various problems. China-Plants.com is our official website; you can visit and leave us your message about any questions. Buy Chinese rose online is easy and convenient, just “add to cart”, lovely floribunda rose bare roots are in their way to your home.

02 January, 2014

2014 Accepting Orders for Bare Root Roses

We are currently accepting orders for bare root roses for delivery from January 2014 onwards. We hope that all rose-lovers will enjoy exploring our collection of roses selected for Chinese gardens.

This is time to order bare root roses for spring 2014! China-plants.com supplies various colors and types, which contain floribunda rose, hybrid tea rose and climber rose. Chinese roses are resistant to cold, heat, drought, flood, and disease, thus much able to live with unfavorable surroundings. They are easy to grow, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our biggest wish is to bring you the high quality bare root rose which will yield fantastic results in your gardens.

Our aim is to build a communication bridge for you----“Green Channel” of plants export from China. No One's going to be professional like us! Visit China-Plants.com, surprise will find you at the beginning of the 2014.