08 April, 2014

Order Chinese Tree Peony Plants

Chinese tree peonies are called "moutan" or "hua wang" (king of flowers). They are iconic in China and have been cultivated since the fourth century. Cultivation of Paeonia suffruticosa was centered on Sichuan by the 11th century, at which time yellow varieties were developed. The modern "moutan" mecca is the Chinese city of Heze,  But Gansu paeonia rockii is also famous as Heze moutan! Gansu paeonia rockii have more advantage in cold-resistance, drought-resistance and big flowers than Heze moutan. The tree peony arrived in England in the late 18th century, but specimens did not survive and flourish until the early 19th century.

Large, showy pink peony blooms make this Chinese tree peony a beautiful addition to your garden. The lovely delicate looking peony flowers will do well as well when planted in containers.

The Chinese have traditionally used tree peony roots in medicinal preparations. "Mu Dan Pi" is a remedy that is reputed to have antiseptic properties and to "cool the blood". Tree peonies are still grown and harvested for the roots' medicinal properties, and the compounds contained in them are the subject of pharmacological research.

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03 April, 2014

The Similarities of Chinese Tree Peony and Japanese Tree Peony

The Chinese Tree Peony and the Japanese Tree Peony are still more far alike than different. It is recommended that you do not over water the plants and they like a good helping of fertilizer to help them bloom. It can take a few years to get the blooms you want on a peony tree. Sometimes you will only see one or two the first year with progressive amounts each year after that. Both plants do not like to be transplanted and will not bloom for a couple years after one. Plant these peony at least 36 inches from each other in order to prevent overcrowding. It is not recommended that you mulch these plants in warmer growing zones, if they do not get enough cold they will not bloom that year.

Peonies are a plant that once considered exotic has made itself known on many continents. The Chinese Tree Peony was transplanted to Japan where changes were made to it for aesthetic purposes. The main differences being the loss of fragrance and that the tree blooms with one or two flower stems instead of three or four. No matter where they are located peonies tend to be a picky plant that likes full sun, the right fertilizer and no transplanting. If you waver from this the tree will not produce blooms for you the following season. So Japanese Tree Peonies versus Chinese Tree Peonies, the only thing that separates them is a few scientific changes.

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02 April, 2014

Grafted Rockii Peony for Sale from Zhongchuan Peony Nursery

Rockii peony is the featured plant in China-Plants.com. Biological characteristics of  paeonia rockii is resist to drought and disease; can survive -43. 95% Rockii Peony is originally produced from the 134 hectare of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, which is the powerful guarantee of adequate supply and high quality.
Paeonia Rockii main features are:
l  Tall plant, can reach 2-3 m high, crown width 3-4 m.
l  Big and bright flower, the diameter can reach 18-25 cm.
l  Strong fragrance; the smell of one open flower can dominate that of 10 other open flowers from another Peony.
l  Resistance to drought and frost; tolerance of salt and base. Can bear temperatures as low as -43°C; can still grow normally at pH above 7.
l  Many health benefits: the pharmacological action of activating circulation to remove blood stasis.
Peonies can be supplied from Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, it specializes in cultivating Peony Rockii, Chinese tree peony, Japanese tree peony and herbaceous peony for 20 years. Wholesale grafted rockii peony online from Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, We will be your best partner in 2014. 

26 March, 2014

Export Japanese Tree Peonies Directly from Peony Nursery

Zhongchuan Peony Nursery specializes in cultivating Peony Rockii, Chinese Tree Peony, Japanese Tree Peony and Herbaceous Peony for 20 years.
Japanese tree peony has light fragrance, special color, strong peony roots and big flowers. Sometimes it looks like itoh peony and the flower produced from the 134 hectare of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, which is the powerful guarantee of adequate supply and high quality.
Japanese tree peonies are used for cut flowers, showcase plants and landscape design and gardening, which can make good landscape effect.
Zhongchuan Peony Nursery can supply Japanese tree peony for customer all over the world. It is easy towholesale Japanese tree peony online from China-Plants.com.You can enjoy good customer service:planting and management, delivering the goods in time, door-to-door service, and free phytosanitary certificate. According to your demands, we offer different packages (single/whole package).

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25 March, 2014

The Differences between Chinese Tree Peony and Japanese Tree Peony

The trees have a few differences and many similarities due to their close relation. Some Japanese Peonies actually are exactly the same as Chinese peonies but with Japanese names. The Japanese tree peonies were brought to Japan in the early sixteen hundreds. Japan renamed a lot of these trees and also changed the way that some of them grow including but not limited to a different aesthetic design and fragrance differences.

Chinese Tree Peony
This flower was originally grown only for the emperor. There are about forty varieties of Chinese tree peonies available for purchase in the United States. These plants are traditionally thought of as an exotic plant and now are readily available for any garden with the right climate. They have flowers that grow with stem counts of three to four. They are fragrant and have multiple colors available.

This peony was brought to Japan from China in the early sixteen hundreds. The Japanese in an aesthetic decision decided to grow the flowers in stem counts of one or two. The plant was also altered to create little or no scent from the blooms. There are only about six varieties available and only three shades of blooms. This is a far cry from the Chinese variety that boasts almost 40 different varieties and colors.

Zhongchuan Peony Nursery cultivates and supplies both Chinese tree peony and Japanese tree peony plants for wholesale and retail. They have many common features: drought-resistance, sweet fragrance, big flowers. We supply young plants of Japanese tree peony, Chinese tree peony and other peony varieties. Next time, I will show you the similarity of them, for more details: visit China-Plants.com or send email by info@china-plants.com

Wholesale Japanese Tree Peony Bloom Twice in Spring and Autumn

Because of their unique colors and dual-bloom features, High Noon peonies have become a popular variety among peony growers, what is more, yellow peonies are petite and cute, making them very suitable to grow at home. The huge, ruffled, satin-like flowers are magnificent and the plant is super hardy!
Rare yellow Japanese tree peony for sale from Gansu China, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been specializing in cultivating Paeonia Rockii, Herbaceous Peony, Japanese Tree Peony and Chinese Tree Peony in our 134 hectare of nursery for more than 20 years.
Biological Characteristics: resist to drought and disease; Japanese tree peony can blossom twice in spring and autumn.
Branch / eye: 1branch
Height: 10-20cm
Supply Ability:1000000 plants/year
Main Application Areas: modern construction of the park, villadom construction, and make your garden sweet and warm.
Growth Conditions: all over the world
Packing: we can satisfy the requirements of different customers
Delivery Time:
Delivery Time
Japanese tree peony

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13 January, 2014

Wholesale Hybrid Tea Rose Bare Root Online

Chinese rose is a common but famous flower in the world, of which, hybrid tea rose have strong resistance, cold-resistance, drought-resistance and pay little emphasis on soil, enjoy light and requiring warm. Hybrid tea rose roots is a fertilizer tolerant plant, if give optimal fertilizer, they will grow strong and have a long and prosperous flowers.

We have floribunda rose plants, climber rose bushes and hybrid tea rose bare roots, which all of them are A-class and with strong disease resistance. We supply all kinds of rose plants for wholesalers on China-plants.com—— a official website of selling high quality Chinese plants.

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09 January, 2014

Chinese Rose Bush Supplier in China

Climber rose are naturally disease-resistant, and they require less attention while bearing roses over a long season. Climber rose bushes enjoy light and fertilizer tolerant plant. As ornamental flowers, monthly rose plays a very important role, no matter as fresh cut flower, or as landscape designing flower such as street greening and community greening.

Chinese Climber rose have many advantages themselves: 
bear the trim
extensive management
strong resistance
strong fragrance
various flower shape and many color available

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03 January, 2014

Export Chinese Monthly Rose Seedlings with Low Price

Monthly roses are one of the most beautiful, traditional, and fragrant flowers that you can plant in your garden, and Chinese monthly rose is the most popular flower that was used to be fresh cut flower in the world. Floribunda rose seedlings are one of the hot varieties. These are the most colorful types of roses, and they are bushy shrubs that bloom freely, creating clusters of three to fifteen blossoms instead of just one blossom on a step. These monthly rose shrubs can be grown individually but look the most impressive when you plant many rows of them next to each other.

These gorgeous monthly rose shrubs don't actually require a lot of care. They are resistant cold and drought. Long flowering time made Chinese rose more famous. Any variety of rose will be a beautiful addition to your garden, adding color and happiness to your home.

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02 January, 2014

2014 Accepting Orders for Bare Root Roses

We are currently accepting orders for bare root roses for delivery from January 2014 onwards. We hope that all rose-lovers will enjoy exploring our collection of roses selected for Chinese gardens.

This is time to order bare root roses for spring 2014! China-plants.com supplies various colors and types, which contain floribunda rose, hybrid tea rose and climber rose. Chinese roses are resistant to cold, heat, drought, flood, and disease, thus much able to live with unfavorable surroundings. They are easy to grow, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our biggest wish is to bring you the high quality bare root rose which will yield fantastic results in your gardens.

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