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Charming Chinese Rose Bushes

Climbing plantsis a very good material to decorate wall, fence and something else. Many decorative plants are just with green leaves, but I introduced a blossom plants named rose climbing bush. It has spectacular landscape effect and full of light fragrance. Rose climbing bushes are hardy and disease resistance, with many and colorful flowers, these varieties are largely used for decorating and landscape designing. Make our house and garden more charming.

Climbing rose with bright pink color and good fragrance. They are always like a bunch of wisteria blossoming. Many flowers! It is very suitable for gardening and hedging, the rose flowering time is long and it can make a good scene.

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Red Chinese Hybrid Tea Rose

Chinese rose includes floribunda rose, hybrid tea rose and climbing rose. They have same advantages: hardy, disease resistance and easy to grow. Chinese rose is popular by its long flowering time from May to October and light fragrance.
The hybrid tea rose is a very large elegant hot red variety that maintains its intense color on opening with strong stems and dark glossy leaves. This rose variety will be a valued addition to the assortment of large colors that growers and florists have been looking for. Spice fragrance; tall; bushy; upright and vigorous. is our official website; you can buy high quality Chinese plants, especially peony plants and rose plants. Just click the button “add to cart” on; you will take Chinese plants to home. Our aim is to build a communication bridge for international customer----“Green Channel” of plants export from China. No one's going to be professional like us! 10 years exporting experience made us get many major cu…