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Where to find roses for sale online?

Chinese roses are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. is engaged in wholesale rose bushes and other plants, helping you to find the fastest-selling varieties of rose bushes in China. can supply high quality and best price Chinese rose, bare root roses, rose bushes, rose tree and so on. Large supply according to color, will meet your needs.
Handling all the links properly before the process of packaging and shipment, such as selecting seedlings, uprooting, pruning, soaking, rinsing, disinfecting and suffocating is important to improve the plants export customs clearance rate.

We have been engaged in plant export for 10 years and ensured the accurate handling in every link with our professional technologies.  All the effort is to make your overseas shopping trip enjoyable. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Supplier of Rose Bare Roots

There are hundreds of varieties of Chinese rose plants, displaying a dazzling range of colors and forms. China-Plants .com is the first and the biggest featured plants exporting mall in China.
Chinese rose plant is one of our featured plants. The rose varieties we offering include Grandiflora Roses, Climbing Rose, Floribunda Roses and tree rose plants.
Our biggest wish is to bring you the quality rose bare roots with different colors and forms which will yield fantastic results in your gardens. Guarantee quantity, international standard and high survival rate.
Chinese roses are resistant to cold, heat, drought, flood, and disease. Thus they are much able to live with unfavorable surroundings and easy to grow.
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where to find roses for sale online

Chinese rose is a famous flower variety in China. Chinese rose includes: climber rose, hybrid tea rose and floribunda rose. Floribunda roses offer a bouquet on every branch. With light fragrance, drought-resistance, and disease resistance, floribunda rose is more and more popular in China. This variety needs little take care and the most important thing is that floribunda rose will be blossom when the climate condition is good. The flowering time is long, so Chinese floribunda rose is very suitable for landscape design and ornamental.

Where to find Chinese floribunda roses for sale online? is a good place to go, where is the first and the biggest featured plants export mall in China, be launched by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. We will collect the high quality rose plants in china, to meet your demand of various good plants. 10 years exporting experience made us more professional. Chinese Floribunda rose will be giving you a cozy home and it is our pleasure to t…