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Charming Herbaceous Peony - Purple Phoenix Fly to Sun

Purple Phoenix Fly to Sun - Zi Feng Chao Yang
This herbaceous peony flap is small, sparse and shiny. This tree peony grows vigorously; peony flowering time is early. Plant type-thin and tall stems; and straight. Traditional peony variety and nationally identified. Just like a purple phoenix is dancing in the rising sun.

This red herbaceous peony flower can bring you good luck and add a wisp of charming fragrance to your garden.

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Red Embroider Ball - Hong Xiu Qiu A medium sized double pink herbaceous peony variety that blooms profusely mid-season. Long stems make it an excellent cut flower. Hydrangea means auspicious wealth in China. Hope this herbaceous peony can bring you the same luck.

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Goldfish in Pink Pool – Fen Chi Jin Yu This pure pink double herbaceous peonywith warn heart is like two goldfish swimming in the water, which is a big favorite among peony-lovers. Warm heart, bring warm living.

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