20 August, 2013

Colourful life---Chinese Tree Peony Lotus

Large, showy pink peony blooms make this Chinese tree peony a beautiful addition to your garden. The lovely delicate looking peony flowers will do well as well when planted in containers.

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Fragrant Chinese Tree Peony Plants will be a Bright Spot in your Garden

These Red Chinese tree peony petals are multi-whorled, arranged regularly, dark purple basal blotches and light greenish colored petals in the center. Hundred proliferate forms. It's peony flower size 15cm x 7cm; delicate fragrance. Choose a site carefully, as these peony plants develop enormous peony roots. Once established, they live for decades. If you want to know more info about Chinese tree peony or buy Chinese tree peony online, don't hesitate to contact me! info@china-plants.com

Beautiful flower for gardening---Chinese tree peony

Beautiful Close-leaf Red - Juan Ye Hong

Juan Ye Hong is a Chinese tree peony with rounded large red blooms 17cm in diameter with strong fragrant peony blooms. This Red Chinese tree peony flowers don't fall over in the rain like herbaceous peonies and their opening is staggered over a 2-week period. I think this peony variety will be a bright spot in your garden. If you want to wholesale Chinese tree peony, China-Plants.com is always your sincere partner.