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Congratulations! has went online!

Lanzhou Peony HorticultureCompany is founded in 1993 which is devoted to be the most professional exporter of peony plants in China. Experiencing and toughening in horticulture and landscape for 20 years, we have tasted a lot of hardships and difficulties, and have harvested much happiness as well. Now, we can stand the frontier of Chinese Horticulture to build a green and wonderful home with you!

The 133.33 hectare of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is our strong supporter. And we have authoritative domain knowledge and excellent partners which are gleaned from twenty years of accumulation. More importantly, the experience of exporting peony plants for 10 years made us have the most professional technology of plants package for increasing the rate of customs clearance. “Either do e-commerce or do nothing in 21 century. If you miss the e-commerce now, you miss a whole age instead of a chance,” Bill Gates said. So, today we passed twenty years of cold winters, we would like to introduce oursel…