Professional Export Bare Root Roses from China

Chinese rose is the most common and popular flowers in fresh cut flower market, which contains floribunda rose, hybrid tea rose and climber rose. Each variety has its own characters. Floribunda roses are easy to grow, quite hardy and known for their long season of blooms and carry a strong fragrance.

Nowadays, it is a fashion that planting flowers or add more green to your house, protect environment from you and that would be a popular thing. We can export first-class bare root rose from China. They are easy to manage and need little care. The long flowering time makes Chinese rose more famous in the world, which plays an important role in fresh cut flower market. Visit, which will give your house more fresh air.

Where to find professional Chinese rose exporter online? is our official website, on which have various rose varieties and other Chinese featured plants. Our guests are all over the world and 10 years exporting time made us pursuit of excellence and do our best to be NO.1 in exporting market of China. Welcome wholesaler and supplier. More quality, more discount.


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