Order Bare Root Rose Plants

High quality climber rose bare root is available on China-Plants.com. Climber rose bare roots have many advantages as following:

Flower Color: pink, red, yellow, white, black and bi-color
Flowering Period: throughout the summer
Scent: light
Disease resistance

Climber rose is the most featured rose which can decorate wall, fence and hedge with its green foliage and charming flowers. A good repeat flowers variety that does well in containers. They grow vigorously and bloom in clusters. They have vibrant colors and the bloom period may extend to 8 months. That’s wonderful.

The Nursery has been trading for over 20 years and sells a large variety of plants including hybrid tea rose, floribunda rose, climbing rose and lots of other Chinese plants.
China-Plants.com is our official website, all the plants for sale on it with detail description. So it is convenient for you to make order online, you just need to “add to cart” make payment; we will do good on the rest things. Sufficient supply, and Chinese climber rose bare root is in hot sale; please don’t miss this Good Opportunity.

Any questions visit China-Plants.com or contact us. 


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