Bare Root Rose Plants for Sale

We have hundreds of colors, varieties and shapes of bare root roses. Each of them looks strong with 1-3 branches. All of them are cold-resistance, resistant disease and easy to adjust different climates. Hybrid tea rose is famous for long flowering time and enjoyable flower shape. Even better, the blooms bear a rich perfume which is most desirable. Foliage is mid green and glossy, a perfect compliment to the subtle shade of the flowers. Plant has upright growth. A top award winner and outstanding variety when it was first introduced, today it remains a best seller.

High quality bare root rose plants, fast delivery time, superior service and communicate with customers in time made us win customers trust, and more and more wholesalers and plants lover be our guests and friends. Bare root rose plants for sale on, it is the right time to export bare root rose plants, give a chance to make your garden more charming, would you like to do this?

Our aim is to build a communication bridge for you----“Green Channel” of plants export from China. No One's going to be professional like us! Visit, surprise will find you at the beginning of the 2014.


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