supplier of rose bare root

High quality floribunda rose bare root is needed for a healthy rose. Floribunda rose with some advantages: hardy and drought resistance and fresh air. Lightly fragrance and very repeat flowering make floribunda rose apply to landscape design, wedding flower and especially for cutting fresh flower. The strong rose bush is vigorous and upright. Still a very popular Chinese rose variety. The flowering time is from May to November. With gorgeous color and long flowering time, it is essential to cut fresh flower market and gardening. The most important thing is that Chinese rose bare root needs little care.

We will collect the high quality plants in china, to meet your demand of various good plants. Our aim is to build a communication bridge for international customer----“Green Channel” of plants export from China. As the most professional supplier of Chinese plants especially for peony plants and rose plants, we try our best to meet your needs and serve you. Visit, your best choice. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, go and visit to buy Chinese floribunda rose. 


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