Have you ever seen such cheap tree peonies?

I search tree peonies in google these days; I found that the tree peonies price is so high! One Japanese tree peony Kao, 2-3 years old is worth $86! I amazed it. On China-Plants.com, the price of five Japanese tree peonies, 2-3 years old is $123.2. I think it is more reasonable. And the tree peony root is strong. Japanese tree peony Kao, blooms are huge and bright red, up to 10" in diameter - sure to make a show in your garden.

Kao means "The King of Flowers" in Japanese, for its robust color and growth habit. Petals are more ruffled than most Japanese tree peonies. Color is rose-red with petals that become frosted with light pink.

If you are looking for high impact color, this is a good plant for you. China-Plants.com has grown tree peonies for 10 years and exported peony roots for 10 year, so you can trust it.


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