Bring “Colorful Days” to Your Garden!

This “Colorful Days” contains all the rare and special varieties of tree peonies. The green peony named Dou Lv, I bet you have never seen peony like this before. Limited quantities! The black tree peony is also uncommon, the outer guard petals cup up and around the other petals in a very pretty way. The yellow tree peony is a special and hot-sold Japanese tree peony with blossom twice a year. Its diameter is up to 8 cm. The white tree peony is elegant and poised, entirely lives up to her name Grande Dame. Finally the red tree peony is popular by her good color and shape.

Those tree peonies varieties are extremely hardy and will survive almost anywhere, in both sun and shade. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery can provide various tree peonies varieties with high quality and compete price, if you love them and want to own, click . Choose and bring them to your garden.

Colorful Days” can bring color to your life. No words, but inspiring. goes in with you!


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