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Tree Peony Varieties from China-Plants

The most beautiful peony plants package I have ever seen. Colorful peony flowers, special flower shapes make this peony plants package more charming and win a lot of applause. This combination has magic function clear air. Peony has many incredible advantages: clear air, prolong life and preventdisease. All of these made peony in popular in China, especially in central garden, senior community and some important interview center.
Health is always the focus of attention. We hope offer some humble effort to make the air clean. So we introduce the ‘Cut Down the PM2.5’ to make your life pure and fresh. The Chinese tree peony Dou Lv is rare and precious. And the output is limited! The peonies flowers are all double cherry petals with delectable colors. It is not only an additional decoration in your home, but also an excellent air cleaner.

Now, the reasonable price is coming, a peony plants package just costs $62.65 directly from Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. The experience of exporting peony pl…

Tree peony supplier

Peony is a precious flower and symbolizes riches and honor in China, and it has a large quantity of varieties below three types: the most special variety rockii tree peony, Chinese tree peony and Japanese tree peony. Now, we offer peony plants package, it contains five different peony varieties, different peony flower shapes and brilliant colors, will add more enjoyment to your daily life.
The white peonies and pink peonies match well together. These beautiful flowers with very delicate look will make you enjoy the silky feeling with sweet fragrance. All nice things let you can't resist. They fill the garden with deep romance. The peony plants package is excellent for arrangements with good vase life.

Five different peony varieties will have different viewing pleasure; it is convenient for you to buy peony plants online. We have a professional web: China-Plants .com, which mainly engaged in Chinese plants export business, including paeonia rockii, tree peony and other plants. 10 yea…

Tree peony for sale

This group tree peony – “Explore the Future” is the hero of tree peonies and we are thrilled to have enough of the splendid peonies to share. The black tree peonies are rare and precious. In order to make you enjoy the mysterious black thoroughly, we offer the ‘Explore the Future’ for you. It contains fully-double and single peony flowers. Make your hero dream come true.
If a tree peony grew in good conditions, it blooms for 100 years or more with little or no attention. This means it's worth spending time choosing the right planting location and preparing the soil. That said-there are many stories about forgotten peony plants found blooming in the woods against old cellar holes. But like all plants, peonies will be healthier, more vigorous and more floriferous if they have ideal growing conditions.

This peony plants package - “Explore the Future” can energize you. specializes in tree peony varieties, don’t hesitate and contact us by e-mail:

Bring “Colorful Days” to Your Garden!

This “Colorful Days” contains all the rare and special varieties of tree peonies. Thegreen peonynamed Dou Lv, I bet you have never seen peony like this before. Limited quantities! Theblack tree peonyis also uncommon, the outer guard petals cup up and around the other petals in a very pretty way. Theyellow tree peonyis a special and hot-sold Japanese tree peony with blossom twice a year. Its diameter is up to 8 cm. The white tree peony is elegant and poised, entirely lives up to her name Grande Dame. Finally the red tree peony is popular by her good color and shape.
Those tree peonies varieties are extremely hardy and will survive almost anywhere, in both sun and shade. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery can provide various tree peonies varieties with high quality and compete price, if you love them and want to own, click . Choose and bring them to your garden.

Colorful Days” can bring color to your life. No words, but inspiring. goes in with you! Specializes in Peony Plants

These peony seedlings are what you will recevie. Each peony plant is packaged carefully. Look, everyone looks like strong, doesn' t it? This is what we did every day, we like our work and hope you enjoy our efforts. A wide range of peony plants for saleon

How to choose the best garden designer for your garden?

Tree Peonies have some of the most beautiful blossoms you can grow in your garden. The blossoms are huge with ruffled, satin-like flowers and come in a wide range of colors. Tree Peonies originated in China. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is one of China’s leading peony growers and proud to offer some of the excellent herbaceous peony seedlings and tubers. An unusual herbaceous peony variety with large outer softest pink guard petals and an inner mound of ribbon-like petaloids that vary in color from deep to pale pink, and cream. It is quite wonderful when at its best mid-season.

 is already become a star in the horticulture field in China. Especially in peonies, so if you want to change your garden unusual, is becoming your unique gardening designer.

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Herbaceous Peony Lian Tai is a clump-forming, rounded to upright herbaceous peony with erect stems bearing divided and deep green leaves. Large, fragrant, double, deep pink peony flowers with creamy pink centers and ruffled peony petals.
Herbaceous Peonies are the most well-known type of peony. They are disease resistant perennial plants that enhance the structure and beauty of any garden and produce some of the best cut flowers available. They bloom during the transition from spring into summer, with each individual cultivar blooming for an average of 7-10 days. The foliage of shining green leaves remains throughout the summer, dies back to the ground in winter and reemerges early each spring. Herbaceous peonies require very little care and live for generations. They have been cultivated for centuries and can thus be found in an astounding array of flower form, color and fragrance.
·This excellentherbaceous peony seedlings and tubers are supplied by, i…

Ever-popular Japanese Tree Peony for Lovely Garden

Buy Japanese Tree Peony Kinko.

Kinko is a famous Japanese tree peonywith charming yellow; we can decorate our garden with this yellow Japanese tree peony. Japanese tree peony has some good features: hardy, pest free and clean air. All these features makes yellow Japanese tree peony are ever-popular.
Tree peony is a perennial flowering plant and it is easy to manage, so this is the very point that people love them. In China, tree peony is a symbol of riches and honor, thriving and prosperous. It is a respected flower in China. You can make your garden more attractive with this yellow Japanese tree peony. has 10 years’ experience of exporting peony plants which made us have the most professional technology of plants package for increasing the rate of customs clearance. Buy Japanese tree peony, you will get an awesome garden and charming yellow Japanese tree peony will make you inner peace. Just visit will show you a wonderful peony world.

Have you ever seen such cheap tree peonies?

I search tree peonies in google these days; I found that the tree peonies price is so high! OneJapanese tree peony Kao, 2-3 years old is worth $86! I amazed it. On, the price of five Japanese tree peonies, 2-3 years old is $123.2. I think it is more reasonable. And the tree peony root is strong.Japanese tree peony Kao, blooms are huge and bright red, up to 10" in diameter - sure to make a show in your garden.
Kao means "The King of Flowers" in Japanese, for its robust color and growth habit. Petals are more ruffled than most Japanese tree peonies. Color is rose-red with petals that become frosted with light pink.

If you are looking for high impact color, this is a good plant for you. has grown tree peonies for 10 years and exported peony roots for 10 year, so you can trust it.

Yellow Japanese Tree Peony Is Coming

A yellow tree peony is very rare, so it’s sure to be a show-stopper in any landscape.
'High Noon' is an amazing golden yellow tree peony that blooms in early summer. This striking variety produces clusters of yellow flowers with red flare at the base of the petals. Nice fragrance; flowers have a pleasing sweet, distinctly lemon scent. It has the huge, semi-double blooms that denote this variety. The foliage is even attractive when not in flower.
Paeonia suffruticosa, or tree peonies, are loved by everyone who has ever seen them in bloom and they have been prized and carefully cultivated in the China for centuries. A deciduous shrub, not a tree, the tree peony has woody stems. A mature shrub produces many huge, long-lasting, silken blooms, which delight the eye. The showy flowers are 6-10" across growing on woody stems. The tree is slow growing and best in partial shade since the flowers tend to fade in full sun.

With flowers two to three times as large as regular peonies,…

Japanese Tree Peony ‘Hatsugarasu’ Refresh Your Memory

From your previous tale of the opening of the large white tree peony, is to refresh your memory; we introduce a mysterious black Japanese tree peony, Paeonia suffruticosaHatsugarasu’ which means the early crow.
Japanese tree peony is shrub-like as it reaches a height of 3 to 5 feet. The peony plant grows slowly but the large, 10-inch flowers are worth the wait. The peony plants grow in ordinary garden soil with exposure to sun or partial shade. The peony flower is single and produced in June. Peonies are very drought tolerant, especially once established. Peonies will produce larger flowers if all the flower buds, except the terminal one, are removed early. Japanese tree peony for sale on Gracing your garden with big and fluffy peony petals.
The use in landscape: Border specimen. Peony cut flowers.
Tips: Remove foliage at the end of the growing season, to avoid fungal diseases.

Do not cut flowers from plants less than three years old. Mature plants of…

How to plant Japanese tree peony?

1.  select an area Clear an area that receives six to eight hours of sun per day. Consider the site carefully since Japanese tree peonies will live more than 10 years and are a long-term resident in your landscape.
2. prepare soil Loosen the soil to 18 inches deep with a shovel. Remove rocks and break up large soil clumps. Mix in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost, peat moss or well-rotted manure to improve soil drainage and organic content.
3. mix fertilizer Dig a 12-by-12 inch hole with a shovel. Add 1/4 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer and 1/2 cup of bone meal to the bottom of the hole. Fill the hole halfway full of soil and mix it with the materials on the bottom with a hand trowel.
4. cover the peony root Place the Japanese tree peony tuber in the hole with the eyes pointing upward. Cover the tuber so that the soil covers the graft by 4 to 5 inches. This will cause the graft area to grow its own roots and create a stronger plant.
5. water your peony
Firm the soil down over the tuber with your hand…

The Sun in My Garden – Peony Taiyo

Taiyo means "The Sun" in Japanese, a fitting name for this blazing color. This peonyplant blooms with 7-8 inch flowers, in the rose form, with flowers held well above the foliage. Fragrance is light and spicy. The plants are fast growing, to 4-feet tall and wide at maturity. If you are looking for color impact, this is the flower for you.

The treepeony Taiyo produces bright scarlet blooms. I think every garden needs a treepeony. There was a time, many years ago in ancient China, when the only person who could own a tree peony was the Emperor himself. Now everyone can own your special Japanese tree peony. I bought Japanese tree peony on, and you?

Hardy Japanese tree peony Kinkaku

(TreePeony) Paeonia 'Kinkaku' flowers have unique bright orange edging, which adds interest to the many layers of yellow petals on this fragrant double bloom flower. It has exotic, fully double, yellow-orange blooms. The huge, ruffled, satiny flowers are very hardy. A tree peony such as 'Kinkaku', unlike garden peonies, have woody stems like a shrub that do not die back to the ground in winter and they blossom in the late spring, 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the garden varieties.
Plant tips: Sun Exposure Full Sun Partial Shade Soil Moisture Needs Dry Moderate is the exporter of Chinese plants, which has grown and cultivated tree peonies for 20 years. Japanese tree peony is suited for cut flower and dried flower. Now you have another convenient way to own them, that is buy Japanese tree peony online on High quality and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

Cheerful Japanese tree peony Cultivar Jitsugetsu-nishiki

Cheerful treepeony cultivar always flowers freely from a young age. Many bright scarlet red single peony blooms with bright golden stamens in the center of the flower. An excellent choice for a first time purchase. Bright infused spring foliage, this peony plant is a joy from the moment it starts to grow. Will form a bushy shrub up to about 100cm high.
Paeonia suffruticosa'Jitsugetsu-nishiki' (Treepeony Shin-jitsu-getsu-nishiki) is a small wide fully hardy perennial deciduous shrub with pink flowers in early summer and late spring. It grows well in semi-shade and direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water. The flowers are bowl shaped. It looks best in spring and summer.

It performs well in borders, city courtyard garden, cottage informal garden and flower arranging. Flowering shrub and low maintenance. Find more cheerful Japanese tree peony on, which is a paradise to buy tree peony online.

Classical Japanese Tree Peony Bloom and Grow Forever

Japanese tree peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) grow to the height of 4 to 6 feet. The hardy perennial needs exposure to cold in order to flower properly. The peony plantthrives in USDA winter hardiness zones 2 to 8.
The classical Japanese tree peony is Shima-nishiki, pin yin name is Dao Jin. Shima-Nishiki is a tree peony. It is a multi-stemmed, deciduous, woody shrub that typically grows to 3-4' tall and as wide. Upward facing, mildly fragrant, semi-double peony flowers are purplish-red with prominent white striping. Yellow center stamens provide excellent contrast. Flowers bloom in early spring. Medium green foliage is deeply divided into oval to lance-shaped leaflets. Foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season. No fall color. 'Shima-Nishiki' means fire flame in Japanese.

Japanese tree peonies offer a gardener spring flowers and lush summer foliage. Instead of dying back to the ground during the winter, Japanese tree peony stems stay alive all winter long. Japa…