Wholesale Herbaceous Peony - White Jade Dish

White Jade Dish - Bai Yu Pan
Herbaceous peony is the loveliest perennial peony in colorful flowers world. White Jade Dish is a most famous herbaceous peony variety by its white petal. Yellow pistil is one of the special features of the herbaceous peony. This herbaceous peony is like a cup. It has some good features: cold-resistant, drought-resistant, easy grow, and so on. As we all known, herbaceous peony plays an important role in fresh cut flower market. Fresh cut flower is essential in our daily life. Herbaceous peonies require very little care and live for generations. China-Plants.com wholesales various herbaceous peonies seedlings with high class. Grasp this opportunity and own this beauty in your garden. This beauty is more than words can say.


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