Lovely Herbaceous Peony Pink from Seed - Zhong Sheng Fen

The herbaceous peony variety named pink from seed is rose form. It has dense fragrance and many flowers. The herbaceous peony flowering time is a little late. It has strong adaptability including hardy, cold-resistant, drought-resistant and easy growing. This herbaceous peony seedlings are suitable for farming and exporting. It is a good herbaceous peony variety as an indoor ornamental plants or outdoor plants. Also, herbaceous peony is a very good material for fresh cut flower, many color and shapes are available. You can use herbaceous peony to make your garden more attractive and enrich your life. You can visit directly to learn about professional knowledge about herbaceous peony and tree peony, also, we supply high quality herbaceous peony tubers, best for you,buy herbaceous peony online, please chase the opportunity!


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