Do you want to make your garden out stand of common?

Purple Crown & Silver Thread - Zi Guan Yin Xian

This peony petal is bigger than Purple Ink Stone, and the color is normal purple not dark red. The peony crown is like a burning fire sending out a charming fragrance. It is selected by a sliver thread in each peony petal. We always give you special things. Do you want to own this rockii tree peony? Do you want to know where it grows? Then I can tell you, this unusual rockii tree peony plants are rich in Gansu, China. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery Industry is specially cultivating all kinds of peony varieties. It has a professional shopping web: If you want this rockii tree peony plants in your garden, you can go and visit our web or give us an e-mail: Please contact us if you want to know more, we can provide you with a warm and thoughtful service at any time.


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