Trustworthy Supplier, Herbaceous Peony

There are hundreds of varieties of Herbaceous peonies and tree peonies, displaying a dazzling range of colors and forms. The best choice of cut flowers
China is the first and the biggest featured plants export mall in China. China is launched by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. In April 2013(former company name is Lanzhou Peony Horticulture Company). This website is devoted to create a simple, professional and reliable plants shopping experience. China firstly put forward the plants shopping mode of plants group buying, which introduces several hot plants with the attractive discount and limited quantity on this area. More importantly, this website promises that all the plants are 100% high quality, and provide the most professional plants export model.
Today, I will introduce several products in the promotion
White Herbaceous Peony Dexterity-Qiao Ling

It has an exquistitely lovely flower.The petals are very fragile looking, the outer circle is almost white, and the rest are yellow with almost invisible magenta base.

Red Herbaceous Perennial Great Prosperity-Da Fu Gui

Da Fu Gui this peony makes a nice statement in a bed. They are smaller dark red double flowers that hold up well even when they get wet from a shower.

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