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Chinese Tree Peonies With Low Price

21 varieties of Chinese tree peonies with 4 types, such as rose form, globular form, anemone form and lotus form. Peony is easy to grow, because it is hardy and pets free. Meantime, they like to be planted in full sun to partial shade. Save you gardening time.

Cute red, white, pink and blue that's under $10. Want to add style to your next Maylife with anybeautiful finds? Look around!

Make your Maylife even more awesome with these cheap and fabulous peonies! Peony is always perfect forgardening, and is also good for indoor decoration, such as cutting flowers and pot flowers.

Oil Peony Plants From Zhongchuan Peony Nursery

With the development of society, people seek higher quality life. No matter the aspect of clothes and surroundings to live, now the aspect of diet attracts more attention. People called it nutritious food. So I think you have interest to know about the 2013new resources food– peony oil.Peony is always used for gardening, landscape design and indoor decoration. Now its nutritive value is explored gradually.
Peony oil is the green and organic food-liquid DHA 1.α- linoleic acid content reach 49% 2.lower blood lipids and blood pressure, enhance immunity and anti-aging
The best edible oil around the world. Although peony oil has many benefits, the oil peony plants growing area is lacking. So go and grasp the opportunity to grow oil peony plants!  Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has selected 2 varieties of peonies from 250 top qualitypaeonia rockii plants. Not all therockii peony plants can used to be oil peony plants! Now 30000 oil peony plants are supplied on, 2yrs old, strong peony …

Rockii Peony can give You My Sincere Blessings

Zhongchuan Peony Nurseryhas devoted to cultivar rockii tree peony for 20 years. 100000 grafted rockii peonies are offered in 2013 on Supplied as a single stem, 2 year old bareroot plant. Height and spread: 30-45cm (11.8”-17.7’’).Buy peonies directly from base, low price is guaranteed!

A mature plant can boast in excess of a hundred blooms, each measuring up to 20cm (7.87”) or more in diameter! These exceptional shrubs are hardy and disease resistant, and will continue to bloom for a lifetime. 
The peony flowers of the tree peony are simply breathtaking in borders and make exquisite cut flowers for vases indoors.
The nice rockii peony with brilliant color ,you deserve her!

Herbaceous Peony with Brilliant Color ,You Deserve Her.

Now China-Plants.comis offering 200000 herbaceous peonies with long stems and breathtaking flowers that are the best choice to be fresh cut flowers. You can buy according to exact variety or color or mixed. 2-3 eyes are popular. The main color is red, pink, white and purple. We also have 3-5 eyes, welcome to place orders here and enjoy your life.

Fresh cut flowers have become an essential part of our life. Every day we are busy with work, social activities, life, etc. We expect a way to release all troubles and pressure and feel the peace of inner mind. So the power of flowers becomes more and more strong. Flowers can not only decorate the houses and gardens, but also their fragrance can make us relax. So go and buy your fresh cut flowers, add some fresh and easy atmosphere in your life!

Peony Rockii---Snow Lotus

Snow Lotus
Notable characteristics:Iridescent white petals vividly contrast with the deep maroon-black flares and golden stamens. Very floriferous variety. Flower form and size: Lotus or light semi-double, 8-10. Flower fragrance: Sweet. Bloom time: Early season rockii, blooms in our Zhongchuan Peony Nursery from the third week to the fourth week of May. Zone hardiness: Proven is USDA zones 4-9. P. rockii cultivars are particularly drought resistant once established. Plant size: 2-3yr old. When we ship: Orders will ship in the fall. You can refer our ‘Plant Delivery Time’. If you need mare info, please contact us by email: Click Here to view all plants in our ‘Tree Peonies Category’
Wish my snow lotus bring you the inner peace!