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Make the peony kingdom in Lanzhou New Area

329 acres of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is leading the single largest nurseryin China. The peonytreeistall,flower is large and colorful, and the root is drought resistant. The rare Paeonia Rockii cultivated by them with cold tolerance creats the myth peony survive in winter without any artificial protection. Zhongchuan Peony, the brand is renowned at home and abroad, comparing favourably withLuoyang Peony. Zhonhchuan Peony is unique in the Lanzhou New Area, leading industrydrivestothedevelopmentofthecharacteristic agriculture in Lanzhou New Area. It is reported thatthe government intended to buildtheNorthwestPeonyKingdom. 329 acres of peony nursery is leading the single largest nurseryin China O