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The concerning points importing peony from China

In china, there are four kinds of peony. Rockii peony, Chinese Tree Peony, Herbaceous Peony and Japanese Peony
Rockii Tree Peony, the Latin name of Rokiii Tree Peony is P. Rockii, which characterized by tall plants, wide crown diameter and cold resistance can survive cold winter with minimum temperature -43centigrade without artificial protection. In this case, it’s suitable to grow in the European countries and USA. The rockii peony is originated from Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery not far from Zhongchuan airport.
Chinese Tree Peony, the Latin name is Paeonia suffiuticasa, the standard of plants is 2-3 stems, 15-35cm height. For north European country we don’t recommend this type since it can't pass the cold winter, but for France, Germany and Netherlands Chinese Tree Peony can survive.
Herbaceous Peony, the Latin name is Paeonia Lactiflara , generally the standard is 2-3 buds, for better potting effect ,4-6 bubs is better, and Herbaceous Peony is also a good choice for cutti…