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Flowers Queen - Chinese Rose

WINTER TROBULES! Backyard plants have withered? Household life lacks the ornament flowers? NO gratified present to be sent to relatives and friends? How to solve these troubles? Growing the Flowers Queen---Chinese rose!

The main characters of Chinese Rose:

A wide range of varieties, colors and patterns, almost all color other than blue, and many varieties are bi-color, multi-color, the flowers of different sizes, from Miniature Roses to Floribunda Rose, flowering from May to November.

Owing roses, and enjoy your poetic life!

The language of Chinese rose:

pink:puppy love, elegance, dignity, thank;
red:pure love, infatuation, virginity, courage;
white:honor, lofty, purify;
orange:rich youth, beauty;
Green and white:pure、thrifty and simple、new heart;
black:personality, creativity;
royal purple:rarity、cherish

The best growing time: from November to next March.

Lots of varieties are provided now: Limbing Rose, Rosa Gigantea, Floribunda Rose, Rose Tree etc.
What are you still waiting for…