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How to protect rockii tree peony in the Spring?

As we know, tree peony is so different from other shrubs such as lilac, weigela, hydrangea and so on, after a long and cold winter, what happed to a tree peony and what should a peony grower do?
Tree peony planted in last autumn always put out many new buds out ground from roots, this first year is very important for tree peony, there are only a few or not any new small roots come from the old roots, water is so important for new leaf growing, and the new buds is no useful for the new tree peony. So cut it all.
There are many buds in one branch, normally only the top and the strong bud would bloom, so, keep the biggest one bud is enough.
The management of tree peony in spring:

In most cases ,the Bare roots rockii peony are imported from China, after a long trip,when the rockii peony get to EU or other counties, so the rockii peony do not grow well, most of them will not bloom in their first year in the new place. But the second year most of them will bloom.
Above all, two things we must do…