25 October, 2012

The Chinese Academy analyzed PEONY SEED OIL FEATURES

PEONY SEED OIL FEATURES: It is the original ecology oil and easy absorption.
The peony seed oil is 100% pure, safe and reliable, which does not contain any chemicals.
According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law, the new resource food evaluation expert committee reviewed, then peony seed oil as a new resource food was public approved by the state ministry of health supervision bureau In 2011. Peony seed oil became an official member of cooking oil. The oil exploiting is unusual significant, which will change China present oil consumption structure.
In August 2004, the Chinese Academy of Forestry analyzed the peony seed which is rich in human needs of the amino acid, vitamin, polysaccharide and various unsaturated fatty acid. Peony seeds have the attractive development value.
The seeds as raw materials, they are crushed, refined and by other processes to the golden yellow transparent oily liquid. The oil unsaturated fatty acid content is high as 92%, including of 42% a-linolenic acid. Many indexes exceed olive oil which known as "liquid gold ". Chinese Academy of Forestry laboratory personnel amazed that the peony seed oil is the world's best cooking oil. At present, tests of the domestic oil authorities, Jiangnan University, China cereals and oil quality supervision and inspection center and a number of other professional institutions, show that the peony seed oil not saturated fatty acid content is more than 90%, especially polyunsaturated fatty acid-linolenic acid content is more than 40%, which is the olive oil 40 times.

How to make Qulity Peony Seed Oil ?

1. Seeds in clearing and removing impurity

It is hard to avoid gravel, clay, cauline leaf and other sundry sneaking into seeds when seeds are picked up, dried, packaged, transported, and stored.

Clearing and removing impurity improve the oil quality and yield efficiency, reduce equipment wear, increase yield and reduce energy consumption.

2. Husking, separating kernel and shell

Husking, separating kernel and shell have been done, which will increase yield efficiency, reduce oil loss, improve the oil and seeds oil cake quality, give full play to oil production equipment capacity, reduce equipment wear and maintenance cost, reduce the electric power consumption, and is helpful to shell’ comprehensive utilization.

3. Eliminating mildew kernel

Some seeds will go moldy when the weather is bad or storage is inappropriate in seeds picking, drying and storing time.

In order to improve the oil quality, the mildew kernel should be eliminated. Peony seed kernel is natural white. We can make sure whether seed kernel is metamorphic or not only by husking. Metamorphic seed kernel can only be picked out by use people. The requirement of picked net rate is more than 99%.

4. Frying

Frying can condense grease, adjust the making structure and improve the oil quality, increase production and reduce power consumption.

Frying temperature should be below 130 in 40-50 minutes.

5. Squeezing oil

Oil mill is QD - 9.0 type magnetic separation fine filter spiral. No chemical additive added, we ensure product safety, health, no pollution and natural nutrition from damage.

Graph: expelling peony seed oil process

zhongchuan peony nursery

2012 The Peony Prices Climbing

Peony rose about 20% in prices over the same period last year in Shandong China, according to the survey.
There are two main reasons resulted in peony prices rising.
Firstly, peony prices was low, so many peony flower growers stopped growing which significantly reduced the area of peony nursery in the previous year. However, this year the peony demand is increasing around the world, which results in the peony prices is gradually rebounding.
Secondly, many flower growers who didn’t plant peony before start to actively grow because of the peony price recovery. This phenomenon makes the labor cost climb which also have a big effect on peony price.
This year, the best-selling are Da Hu Hong, Zhuang Yuan Hong and Shou An Hong, and so on. The demand of these varieties exceeds supply in the market. So peony prices rose by about 20%. It is expected to rise in the next year.
In the wave of peony prices climbing, Gansu Zhongchun Peony Nursery has been the supremacy of customer service philosophy to work hard in 2000 acres peony garden, patiently breed peonies and plant seedlings. No shortage! Never raise peony price! Truly serve our customers!