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2012 Tree Peony Sale! The Last Time!

Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been focusing on peony export for 10 years. It has more than 2,000 mu of peony base and sells all kinds of top-quality peonies. Based on our years of experience in planting peonies, the best time of growing peonies in the region between 37° and 47°north latitude is from August to October each year, and for those cold areas such as Moscow and Finland, the best planting period is from August 20 to September 15 in autumn. Do you know because of the climate, there are almost one month to dug the peony roots. Once you missed this chance,you must have to wait the next time! Hurry up! Following is the 2012 Zhongchuan tree peonies on sale list.
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How to plant peony seeds?

Now we have improved a new sowing skill of rockii seeds, we would like to share the information with you.
Firstly, soaking the seeds in water for 3 days, and then start the freezing one month, and then thawed; (If your seeds is fresh, skip this step)
Secondly, freezing the seeds for one week and then thawing, about2days
Thirdly, freezing the seeds for one week, and then thawing, about2days
After soaking and the three cycles of freezing and thawing, breaking the planting period of dormancy, and then planted in seed germination be quicker,
After soaked and frozen/thawed the peony seeds three times, you can grow them in the sand, if you can do this in fall, they will germinate in next spring, or if you do this in spring, they will germinate in spring, not waiting to the second spring. before sowing seeds, you can fed some organic fertilizer in the land, soil and organic fertilizer mixing symmetry, surface leveling, and then sowing the seeds inside, then covered with some sand and pouring so…

Which peony seeds is best?

Good seeds of rockii tree peonies were collected, such as Snow Lotus, Compassionate, Purple Butterfly in the Wind and other varieties. These peonies yield viable seeds, so you can start peonies from seeds!
Peonies starting from seeds don’t look exactly like the parent plants, though they may strongly resemble them. These tree peony seeds are mixed colors and the best for the experimental gardeners. Tree peonies growing from seeds will bloom in about 4-5 years, so be patient! But you will enjoy the process of planting.
Peonies seeds are extremely easy to grow if you mastered the planting technology well. For early summer blooming, sowing peony seeds either in late fall, winter, or even early spring! Planting in areas where climate is cool or dry in summer. Not a good choice for humid regions.
Right now, peony seeds on sale. 20% discount for Freshly Harvested Tree Peony Seeds! Stock is limited. Should not be missed!

Small tree peony,big industry

The peony seeds are used to make cooking oil. Is poeny seed oil edible? Is it harmful to human health?

In March 2011, peony seed oil was approved as new resources of food by State Department of Health . Generally,peony seeds mainly used for breeding, so many peony seeds were wasted every year. Since 2002,Zhongchuan peony nursery found that there is no any adverse reactions.
In 2004, an analysis of Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that the peony seeds contain rich amino acid, vitamin, polysaccharide and various unsaturated fatty acid, which has great developmental value. Now, more and more people can enjoy peony seeds oil.

Based on this, Zhongchuan peony nursery decided to spare more efforts to enlarge peony procucts by deeply processing with technology research and speed up development of the peony flowers, roots, leaves, stems, etc. Eventually,they would like to develp peony industry from plants production, flower ornament and medical use into comprehensive utilization of peony seed …