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Peony seedlings used for peony seed oil

Peony seed oil introduced Peony seeds as raw materials, they are crushed, refined and by other processes to the golden yellow transparent oily liquid. The oil unsaturated fatty acid content ishigh as 92%, including of 42% a-linolenic acid.Many indexes exceed olive oil which known as "liquid gold ". The peony seed oil is the world's best cooking oil
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Board (FDA) who are recognized harsh acknowledge 13 functions of a-linolenic: fall hematic fat and blood pressure, enhance oneself immunity function, prevent diabetes, prevent and control cancer, lose weight; defend Head stroke and Heart attack, clean up hazardous substances in the blood and prevent heart disease, enhance attention and memory, play a role in Adjuvant Therapy of multiple sclerosis, etc
Comparingwith the following table, we can see that the content of linolenic acid in peony oil is much higher than any other vegetable oil! the content of linolenic acid in different plants窗体顶端 T…

How to prevent disease after peonies flower season?

Peony consumes a lot of nutrients during florescence,then it is a time of  diseased period after  peonies flower season . Since most peony blossom once a year, few people pay attention to look after plants in post-floral period. This results in foliar disease which affects tree peony pregnant bud and flowering in the coming year. So we must pay attention to post floral prophylactic measures. The concrete measures of  tree peony drug for post floral time are as following. Spray one kinds of the pesticides which are 100-200 times liquid Bordeaux mixture, 65% zineb wettable powder 500-800 times liquid, 50% thiophanate 1000 times liquid, and 75% of chlorothalonil 800 times liquid. Spray once every seven to ten days with four or five consecutive times. We should also spray to the ground, especially leaf back and underneath leaf back. If we need to spray after the rain, we have to rinsing foliage sludge with water firstly. rockii tree peony

How to let the peony seedings bloom earlier?

Planting a tree peony seedling as planting a hope. We all wish that blossom as soon as possible. So how to make the peony bush bloom beautiful flowers early? It must meet the following two conditions firstly: one is the flower bud has basically formed, that is to sayprimary flower bud differentiation has completed at least; the otheris plant has a certain basal nutrition (including nutrition area and nutrition reserves), namely  peony plant roots, peony stems,peony leaves must have developedto a certain extent. Processing and creating suitable environmental conditions on this basis, we can urge plant to flower early.
The following isthe detailed description: 1.selecting material
Choosing appropriate peony seedlings is one of the key factors of success for flower forcing. Select4 to 6 years plant which has six to eight branches stout, each branch has one or two flower bud.Other requirements include compact plant-type, no diseases and insect pests, no mechanical damage, growth sturdy, flow…