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Tree Peony 'Hana Kisoi' ('Floral Rivalry')

This pale pink flowering tree peony strongly recommended by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is known for its outstanding features. At maturity, this compact, well branched plant can be adorned with masses of large flowers year after year. This cultivar is an extremely easy to grow and hardy plant that is ideal for shrub borders.
Deserving of its name translated as ‘Floral Rivalry’, this tree peony blossoms into a nest of prom-pink, crepe paper like petals that blush darker toward the flower’s heart.
The seedlings are best grown in deep, fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade.  They are tolerant of summer heat. Add compost as needed before planting. Larger shrubs appreciate some shelter from strong winds. Unlike herbaceous peonies, the stems of tree peonies (which are woody shrubs) do not die to the ground in winter and should not be cut back after frost. No pruning is required, except to cut out dead wood or suckers (early spring best).
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Dahlias and peonies Paradise

On September 28th, I went to Arcadia called Zhongchuan peony nursery with my girlfriends. The perfect Arcadia is surrounded by big mountains, plentiful forest,pretty tree peonies and beautiful dahlias. We was fascinated by them. So we can't help taking many photos !

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