19 September, 2012

Peony Paradise--Zhongchuan Peony Nursery

Zhongchuan peony nursery where water joined the sky(水天一色)
lofty mountains (崇山峻岭)
Peony Gate Tower  (牡丹城楼)
The Peony Pavilion  (牡丹亭)
Swing  (秋千)
Pink Rockii tree peony  (粉色紫斑牡丹)
White Rockii tree peony (白色紫斑牡丹)
Purple Rockii tree peony (紫色紫斑牡丹)
Herbaceous peony  (芍药)

Authority--Cut flower Variety Selection

China is rich in peony resources and varieties. Some varieties are excellent for cutting with ornamental value and high quality. While some varieties are not suitable for fresh cut flower. Choosing appropriate variety for Cut flower peony or not, impact on the quality of cut flower directly. According to the characteristics of different varieties, production, sellers and customers requirements, appropriate peony species for cut flower should have the following features:

1. Flowers are floriferous, productive, sustaining bloom in water raise long and enduring storage.

2. Flower form should be exquisite upright . Color is bright and soft. It will be better if color and form are special or with sweet fragrance.

3. Bud, avoiding the top part easy to crack, smoothes and assumes circular or circular with slightly pointed top.

4. Petals materials are hard. Flowers are moderate. Petals form need not too obviously.

5. Flower branch and peduncle, with strong anchorage force, are stiff upright and should be long enough for cut.

6. Petiole is short and applanate. Lamina is medium and small. Blade surface is flat and lustrous.

7. Plant is stout, with high germination and branching sprouted rates. They are resistant to diseases, insects, and have strong adaptability.


In addition, cut flower is based on different customers requirements to Supplier markets by varieties and colors. To ensure continuous supply market, cut flower production not only need enough varieties, colors, quantity and cultivated area, but also need Early, middle and late flowering varieties.

herbaceous peony--Fen Yu Nu

'Dancing Butterflies', recommended by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, is an herbaceous perennial with a more or less rounded form. Its medium texture blends into the garden, but it can always be balanced by a couple of finer or coarser plants for an effective composition. Dancing Butterflies Peony features bold lightly-scented fuchsia flowers at the ends of the stems in early summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its compound leaves remain green in color throughout the season. The fruit is not ornamentally significant.

Dancing Butterflies Peony will grow to be about 24 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 24 inches. This perennial does best in full sun to partial shade. It does best in average to evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water. It is not particular as to soil pH, but grows best in rich soils.  It is somewhat tolerant of urban pollution. This plant can be propagated by division. Bright fuchsia single blooms with large yellow stamens dance like butterflies in the wind. It is a truly vigorous, floriferous and exquisite variety.

Dancing Butterflies Peony is recommended for the following landscape applications and, General Garden and Mass Planting. They have long stem, so they can be used as fresh cut flower. Those beautiful herbaceous peony not only light up your garden ,you home ,but also can be used as fresh cut flower send your relative and friends as a gift. May peony flowers bring our best wishes to you!

Chinese tree peony--Feng Dan Bai

‘Feng Dan Bai’, sold in commerce and recommended by Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery under the trade name of PHOENIX WHITE, is a Chinese tree peony. It is a deciduous woody shrub that grows to 4-5’ tall and as wide. When originally discovered, it was listed as a cultivar of P. suffruticosa, but some authorities now consider it to be a cultivar of Paeonia ostii. Upward facing, fragrant white flowers (to 7” across) with slightly ruffled petals and contrasting yellow center stamens bloom in early spring. Medium green foliage is deeply divided into oval to lance-shaped leaflets.

This tree peony selection has white single form flowers, 8 inches in size, with dark glossy leaves and a sweet fragrance. Blooms face upwards, floating like silk on top of the leaves.
The plant is very productive at an early age with a vigorous, spreading growth habit.

Some flowers will have the slightest pink tone when first open, fading quickly to pure white. Plants grow rapidly and are very erect, growing to 4-5 ft tall and 4 to 5 ft wide at 8-10 years maturity. A 2-3 yr-old plant will be about 20-24 inches tall, and many of these are ready to bloom at this young age. It is a superb early blooming variety.

These white peony do best in deep, fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. They are tolerant of summer heat. Add compost as needed before planting. Larger shrubs appreciate some shelter from strong winds. Unlike herbaceous peonies, the stems of tree peonies (which are woody plants) do not die to the ground in winter and should not be cut back after frost. No pruning is required, except to cut out dead wood or suckers in early spring. If plants become leggy, a moderate pruning in early fall can be done to shape plant and encourage additional growth on the lower part of the plant. Remove spent flowers after bloom. These long-lived plants usually take several years to establish, and are best left undisturbed once planted. Moreover, plant roots go deep and transplanting can be difficult.

Tree peonies are considered to be relatively pest free. Some susceptibility to canker, leaf blight, stems wilt and scale. Ants on peony buds are common and totally harmless. Excellent in borders as specimens and in groups. Also effective as accents or hedges along fences, sidewalks, driveways or walls. Flowers are extremely showy, and foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season, either alone or as a frame or backdrop for other flowering plants.