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The power of the flower

Compared with humans flowers are so small, however ,have you ever found the force emitted by them ? Actually this kind of power is impressive. (1) The Lavender It is said that any flower has its own language and each florid represent a different meaning.The  lavender florid is waiting for love. I guess it makes sense. When the lavender in full bloom and the breeze hit, the swaying flowers will sing beautiful songs in the air filled with the intoxicating aroma.
Some people traveled to the find lavender, looking for a lost love. Lavender can heal the people who was hurt in love. She will listen to their pain, to soothe their souls.  In the face of these considerate flowers, those who buried themself into frustration, disappointment, and sadness become relax.

(2) Rape Flower

Rape flower can not be considered beautiful. If a way to see one, it is absolutely nothing special because the thin broken pieces of flower is difficult to attractive envy eye. However, when hundreds of millions of …