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How do peony seeds grow from germination to flowering?

For six years, we have participated in Horti Fair in the Netherlands;
For ten years, we have always specialized in export of peony flowers;
For 20 years, we have been committed to research and development of peony flowers and seedlings;

Rooted in the poorest northwest region in China though, we are dedicated to making the beautiful Gansu paeonia rockii blossom in the coldest parts of the world so that they may bring the warmth of flowers there. We are working constantly in an effort to create the most professional brand of Chinese peony—Zhongchuan Peony.Below is the peony seeds from germination to flowering.

What is the classification of peony flower?

Gansu zhongchuan peony nursery have selected nearly 600 varieties rockii tree peony through the seedling breeding and cross breeding . According to their colors ,we can divide them into eight types such aswhite peony, yellow peony, pink peony, red peony, purple peony, blue peony, black peony and multi-color peony(one flower with two colors) , the following we introduce some part of it.
(一)the white system

Most of wild rockii peony are white, single type.And theyare still white,but less petal after hybridization. A variety of stains in petals’ base make wild rockii special. This type of peony plants have strong adaptability and high growth rate .
1、sigle type :snow lotus
2、Semidouble type:White Crane Spreading Wings
3、Double type: Long Ice Road

(二)Light yellow flower system
Rockii tree peony cultivars lack of pure yellow. Pale yellow flowers generally refers to that the original flower petals are yellowish, flower petals are white after blooming .
1、sigle type: The Olympic
2、Semidouble type: Ye…