24 August, 2012

Peony ladies

Beijing opera is Chinese "national essence ". It has 200 years of history, and is renowned at home and abroad. It  also knowned as " yellow ". Beijing opera is composed of  " Sippy " and "two yellow" that basic tone of the  its music, it is also divided into two opera qupai based on place and sing some tunes. It begins with Daoguang years,and becomes popular in  Kangxi years. Now it has a deep impact on the world.
" Peony Pavilion " is the representative work of Peking Opera. It achieved much  praise from the young men and ladies who have pursuit of free love, strongly opposed the feudal spirit, and criticized the Cheng (Cheng Yi, Cheng Hao ) Zhu ( Zhu Xi ) science.At the same time they  upheld  justice and eliminated human desires "Peony Pavilion "is the representative work of ancient Chinese famous author Tang Xianzhu.

Do you know Chinese jade and peony are twins?

 In China’s thousands of years of history and culture, jade symbolizes nobility, purity, friendship, and good luck, being widely used as a keepsake among the people. People considered jade to be
beautiful, illustrious and noble, furthermore, peony contains many microelements beneficial to human body, if worn for a long time it can help nourish human body. Similarly, the elegant peonies of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Garden are the queen of all flowers and a symbol of riches and honor, and its odor has a pharmacological effect. Each time when you are strolling in the peony garden, you will always feel comfortable and refreshed, and your body will have a freer circulation of blood and vital energy. In a peony garden you will find fresher air around you, this is because peony flowers can help purify the air and play the role of an air pollution monitor---when there is any change in air pollution the petals of peony flowers may change their colors. Peony and jade are the two wonders of the Chinese culture, they are so similar in many ways but equally different in others, however, they are both delightful treasures nourishing human beings.

Japanese peony-Daojin

Japanese peony--Daojin(Shimanishiki), Missy Peony of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Garden, is so graceful and plump that she is considered the best of all multi-color peonies. In the ocean of full-blown flowers, she stands head and shoulders above others, giving out a strong force like a beam of brilliant light that makes your already bright garden even more dazzling. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Garden has a collection of various rare and best-selling Japanese peonies, and we are looking forward to your order. Choose Zhongchuan Peony and have a happy life.

Japanese peony--High noon

Dear friends, unlike China Roses, ordinary peonies do not blossom in different seasons, but we have a mysterious variety of Japanese peony named High Noon which can blossom twice in spring and autumn. Because of their unique colors and dual-bloom features, High Noon peonies have become a popular variety among peony growers, what is more, yellow peonies are petite and cute, making them very suitable to grow at home.

What is the role of peony?

Gansu Zhongchuan peony nursery warm prompt:

 [Property flavors attributive channel]
It’s neutral in nature, tasting bitter and pale. It is good for human liver and spleen.

[Functions and indications]
It could promote blood circulation for regulating menstruation, treat women’s abnormal menstruation, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea and other various diseases.

eony flower contains Chinese milk vetch glycosides, peony glycosides; hoof lines Tianzhu glycosides and so on.

[Therapeutic effect]
1. Relieving menstruation pain. The peony is neutral in nature which is good to human liver and spleen, regulate functional activities of qi, and smooth the liver meridian. As the resource of invigorating spleen for eliminating dampness and benefit source of qi and blood, it could replenish qi and blood promoting blood circulation for regulating menstruation and dysmenorrheal.

2. Adjustable normal menstruation. Peony can dredge the channels and collaterals, smooth joint, so it is used as the adjuvant treatment for reticular rheumatism, bend to stretch disadvantage, amenorrhea, and abdominal ache and so on.

What is the origin of peony tree?

 It was said that Wu Zetian who was the ancient Oriental Tang Dynasty Empress ascended the throne. All the flowers went and congratulated competing bloom in the throne of the Day, though peony did not care about it. Then it was banished to Luoyang. The Flore defended empress against an injustice reporting to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor willed peony reincarnation to the house of the emperor, that was Yang Yuhuan who was plump and rich and to be the generation concubine.

Peony is the king of flowers, so the flowers did not dare to seize its brilliant. When Yang Yuhuan enjoyed flowers, flowers were humbled by Yang’s Royal elegant beauty. And Concubine Yang had the title of "shamed flower" in the classical four beauties. Bai Juyi's "Everlasting Regret" can be the evidence of Tang emperor and Yang Yuhuan’s eternal love, which is "They in the sky wished to be paired birds that fly wing to wing. They on earth wished to be twin branches together growing. Time and space might come to an end some day, This lingering regret would last for aye".

 Emperor's romance was always interrupted by Frontier's Yu Gu. As an imperial concubine, Yang had to start her escape when An Shi rebellion began.

 The Guards thought Yang was the root of the war .They forced the emperor to let Yang commit suicide by hanging. The place is Lingwu which is today's junction of Shaanxi and Gansu.

After war, concubine Yang became a wisp of soul for thinking of the emperor. At the same time, the emperor missed Yang from time to time. One day he saw white flowers in the field everywhere and it was painful to him which caused him vomiting blood over flower. The chaise soul perceived imperial’ mind and she was heartbroken, then she attached herself to the white flowers. The entire white flower became purple peonies.

The land army stationed at was today's Gansu Province, in which is rich in purple peony specialty. Due to the soul of Royal imperial blood are attached, the flowers are extraordinarily luxurious and glamorous. For growing in emperor’ fled road, they are extraordinarily faithful and upright comparing with flirtatious and weak flowers growing in the Central Plains.

It was said that the emperor stationed in Sichuan later. Concubine Yang implied emperors by flowers .At the year, the flower bloomed white with purple marks its meaning of the missing emperor; the second year, flowers turned color that was to inform the imperial should throne to his son for reversing the trend of the fight against the rebels. The emperor comprehended this meaning, so he passed the throne to Prince Edward Suzong who and sure enough ended An Shi Rebellion. And purple peony is the only one which gives birth in variety of watching peonies, which may compensate that Concubine Yang failed to give birth for Emperor.
Yang Yuhuan (1)
Yang Yuhuan (2)

Yang Yuhuan (3)

Wu Zetian (1)

Wu Zetian (2)
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