Make the peony kingdom in Lanzhou New Area

329 acres of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is leading the single largest nursery in China. The peony tree is tall, flower is large and colorful, and the root is drought resistant. The rare Paeonia Rockii cultivated by them with cold tolerance creats the myth peony survive in winter without any artificial protection. Zhongchuan Peony, the brand is renowned at home and abroad, comparing favourably with Luoyang Peony.
Zhonhchuan Peony is unique in the Lanzhou New Area, leading industry drives to the development of the characteristic agriculture in Lanzhou New Area. It is reported that the government intended to build the Northwest Peony Kingdom.
329 acres of peony nursery is leading the single largest nursery in China
On the morning of December 11, the reporter went to Zhongchuan Peony Nursery located in Lanzhou New Area, lots of peony trees can be seen on both sides of the road. Although it’s not the peony blossom season in winter, but the endless scale planting and tall peony tree still let people feel the charm of peony aromatic.
Gonging all the way, a row of workshop jumped into our sight. And before we wrap our heads around it, the rumbling sound already surround the ears for a long time. Although Lanzhou New Area's many sites have stopped, the workers were busy packaging peony seedings exporting overseas in Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. Said by one accompanied by.
Qiaofeng Wang has worked about three years in Zhongchuan peony nursery, who is a farmer in Zongjialiang, Zhongchuan Town. She said that the efficiency of peony nursery has become better and better, domestic and international order continuously, and she can work near her home. The salary is piecework system, she can earn about 200yuan if she worked quickly enough.
Out of the workshop, along the sightseeing platform says "zhongchuan peony nursery", peony walked into the wind and swayed eyesome posture, and workers were busy watering the tree peony. "The outside isice and snow, the peony garden no winter!"

In 1997, a middle-aged man named Qianlong Zhao took a fancy to this piece of       geomantic treasure land, and then he led hundreds employees started to pioneer and build the Zhongchuan peony nursery near the airport south gate 3.5 kilometers.

Hew out barren hills, bold do pioneering work, after more than 10 years of exploration, the Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has developed to scale up to 2000 acres, which is the domestic single biggest garden. It has developed into a collection of production, scientific research, export and ornamental tourism as one of the characteristic agricultural park.

Wild Rockii tree peony, is the only precious peony species from Gansu alpine zone in the world, if want to put the "wild" magic into "artificial planting," history of the answer is: NO!

“Make the Gansu peonies blossom in the cold areas all over the world!” Sure enough, after years of screening and breeding, Qianlong Zhao team has successfully cultivated hundreds of excellent peony varieties which can be overwintering naturally without artificial protection. In this case, the history imprison is broken, Qianlong Zhao who created a myth also changed the traditional breeding methods, batch produced cold-resistant peony nursery stock with new ways of grafting breeding and industrial seed culture. After 17 years, he has successfully carried out the action of “planting peonies in north” in 12 provinces and areas, such as the northeast, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Ningxia, and has built the cold-resistant peony gardens like “northeast peony garden” and “inner Mongolia peony garden”, making the people of northern cold places enjoy the peony in their home places.  

Meanwhile, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery also exports peony plants to many European and American countries, such as, USA, Netherlands, France, Russia, and Germany. And it has been the worldwide biggest export base of Paeonia rockii.

At present, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has got the production capacity of annually cultivating 350,000 peony seedlings to domestic and 150,000 ones to overseas.

The peony of the new district has become the leading industry of efficient agriculture.

After Lanzhou New Area was authorized as the national new district, ancient Qinwangchuan is orientated for the ecological economic concept of developing “efficient agriculture, competitive forestry, and excellent animal husbandry”, to help the local farmers to bring in the agriculture and forestry products of high economic value added.

"What is high-efficiency agriculture? It does not mean growing corn, potato ext. but it means to grow large-scale specialty products, No. 1 product with high technology. Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been built many years before. Peony trees with tall figure, big and brilliant flowers, fewer pets, strong resistance are popular by high reputation at home and abroad. It is the leader industry of efficient agricultural development in Lanzhou New Area “This is the praise of an expert for Peony in Lanzhou New Area.

Now Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, which is the main large-scale nursery in Lanzhou New Area, has become the model to promote efficient agricultural in Lanzhou New Area.

While it was talked about that New Area peony plays important role in New Area’ development and construction, the responsible person in Lanzhou Area Administrative Committee said with full of passion, " one side is rapidly developing new city, the other side is the enchanting beautiful Peony Kingdom".

Qianlong Zhao said confidently," more than 90 million RMB has been invested to the peony nursery. And 200 million RMB are planned to invest into the peony nursery. The number of tourists increase to 300,000RMB people per year and consolidated revenues totals 420 million RMB after two years’ construction on the existing foundation. At the same time, we are building the northwest Peony Kingdom. "


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