Which peony seeds is best?

Good seeds of rockii tree peonies were collected, such as Snow Lotus, Compassionate, Purple Butterfly in the Wind and other varieties. These peonies yield viable seeds, so you can start peonies from seeds!

Peonies starting from seeds don’t look exactly like the parent plants, though they may strongly resemble them. These tree peony seeds are mixed colors and the best for the experimental gardeners. Tree peonies growing from seeds will bloom in about 4-5 years, so be patient! But you will enjoy the process of planting.

Peonies seeds are extremely easy to grow if you mastered the planting technology well. For early summer blooming, sowing peony seeds either in late fall, winter, or even early spring! Planting in areas where climate is cool or dry in summer. Not a good choice for humid regions.

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