The Chinese Academy analyzed PEONY SEED OIL FEATURES

PEONY SEED OIL FEATURES: It is the original ecology oil and easy absorption.
The peony seed oil is 100% pure, safe and reliable, which does not contain any chemicals.
According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law, the new resource food evaluation expert committee reviewed, then peony seed oil as a new resource food was public approved by the state ministry of health supervision bureau In 2011. Peony seed oil became an official member of cooking oil. The oil exploiting is unusual significant, which will change China present oil consumption structure.
In August 2004, the Chinese Academy of Forestry analyzed the peony seed which is rich in human needs of the amino acid, vitamin, polysaccharide and various unsaturated fatty acid. Peony seeds have the attractive development value.
The seeds as raw materials, they are crushed, refined and by other processes to the golden yellow transparent oily liquid. The oil unsaturated fatty acid content is high as 92%, including of 42% a-linolenic acid. Many indexes exceed olive oil which known as "liquid gold ". Chinese Academy of Forestry laboratory personnel amazed that the peony seed oil is the world's best cooking oil. At present, tests of the domestic oil authorities, Jiangnan University, China cereals and oil quality supervision and inspection center and a number of other professional institutions, show that the peony seed oil not saturated fatty acid content is more than 90%, especially polyunsaturated fatty acid-linolenic acid content is more than 40%, which is the olive oil 40 times.


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