How to prevent disease after peonies flower season?

Peony consumes a lot of nutrients during florescence,then it is a time of  diseased period after  peonies flower season . Since most peony blossom once a year, few people pay attention to look after plants in post-floral period. This results in foliar disease which affects tree peony pregnant bud and flowering in the coming year. So we must pay attention to post floral prophylactic measures.
The concrete measures of  tree peony drug for post floral time are as following. Spray one kinds of the pesticides which are 100-200 times liquid Bordeaux mixture, 65% zineb wettable powder 500-800 times liquid, 50% thiophanate 1000 times liquid, and 75% of chlorothalonil 800 times liquid. Spray once every seven to ten days with four or five consecutive times. We should also spray to the ground, especially leaf back and underneath leaf back. If we need to spray after the rain, we have to rinsing foliage sludge with water firstly.
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