How to make Qulity Peony Seed Oil ?

1. Seeds in clearing and removing impurity

It is hard to avoid gravel, clay, cauline leaf and other sundry sneaking into seeds when seeds are picked up, dried, packaged, transported, and stored.

Clearing and removing impurity improve the oil quality and yield efficiency, reduce equipment wear, increase yield and reduce energy consumption.

2. Husking, separating kernel and shell

Husking, separating kernel and shell have been done, which will increase yield efficiency, reduce oil loss, improve the oil and seeds oil cake quality, give full play to oil production equipment capacity, reduce equipment wear and maintenance cost, reduce the electric power consumption, and is helpful to shell’ comprehensive utilization.

3. Eliminating mildew kernel

Some seeds will go moldy when the weather is bad or storage is inappropriate in seeds picking, drying and storing time.

In order to improve the oil quality, the mildew kernel should be eliminated. Peony seed kernel is natural white. We can make sure whether seed kernel is metamorphic or not only by husking. Metamorphic seed kernel can only be picked out by use people. The requirement of picked net rate is more than 99%.

4. Frying

Frying can condense grease, adjust the making structure and improve the oil quality, increase production and reduce power consumption.

Frying temperature should be below 130 in 40-50 minutes.

5. Squeezing oil

Oil mill is QD - 9.0 type magnetic separation fine filter spiral. No chemical additive added, we ensure product safety, health, no pollution and natural nutrition from damage.

Graph: expelling peony seed oil process

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