How to let the peony seedings bloom earlier?

Planting a tree peony seedling as planting a hope. We all wish that blossom as soon as possible. So how to make the peony bush bloom beautiful flowers early? It  must meet the following two conditions firstly:  one is the flower bud has basically formed, that is to say  primary flower bud differentiation has completed at least; the other  is plant has a certain basal nutrition (including nutrition area and nutrition reserves), namely  peony plant roots, peony stems,peony leaves must have developed  to a certain extent. Processing and creating suitable environmental conditions on this basis, we can urge plant to flower early.

The following is  the detailed description:
1.selecting material

Choosing appropriate peony seedlings is one of the key factors of success for flower forcing. Select 4 to 6 years plant which has six to eight branches stout, each branch has one or two flower bud.  Other requirements include compact plant-type, no diseases and insect pests, no mechanical damage, growth sturdy, flower bud hypertrophy, contented and full, root stout, fibril more, etc.

2. the method

After selected, the peony seedlings lifting time should be at the Mid-Autumn festival or so. When plant dug out, remove soil and drying peony seedlings in the sunshine 2 to 3 days. Until the root system, branches, and the flower bud dehydrating become soft, seedlings can be used.

Tabia, which fully mixed good water permeability pond silt or humus with garden soil according to the proportion of 2:1, should be chosen for Basin soil. 45 days or so can meet the need of peony flower generally for flower forcing in greenhouse. The exactly time should according to the local temperatures.

The whole flower forcing process, according to different maintenance , management measures and required temperature, can be divided into the following several times:

a.peony seedling reviving time

After potting, it shall be immediately water flooding. It is better wet than dry. The genera required temperature: the day 10 to 14 , evening 5 to 6 .

b. Show peony budding period

Keep basin soil moist. Temperature can be risen to day 14 to 16 , evening 10 to 12 a week later. If the greenhouse is bad pervious light quality, we should fill light timely.
c. young budding period

The buds just show, so they are very sensitive to the temperature change. The temperature can be risen to day 16 - 18 , evening 12 to 14 . Spray 1 to 2 times one day. Control air humidity in the 65% to 75%.

d. safe period

 In addition to watering twice a day, every 3 to 5 days water permeably once. Temperature can be risen to day 18 and 20 , evening 14 to 16 .Control humidity between 75% and 85%. Fill light 5 hours after every twilight. If temperature is higher at noon, open part of the top windows for ventilating breathe freely and refining seedlings appropriately. After buds go into flat budding period, keep average temperature day 20 to 22 and evening 16 to 18 .

e. round budding period

 Bud is 2.5 to 3 cm. We should continue to take measures to manage at safe period.

f. transparent color period

 Plant growth slows down gradually.  It is from the flowering time asymptotic. Spray 2 to 3 times one day. Continue to heat late flowering plants to force flowering.

g. initial open phase

At this time some of plants have been bloom, move plant in shade to extend the flowering time. Spray 1 time one day. Notice that do not spray on the leaf which will lead leaf mildew and rot.

3.  factors influencing success

To break dormancy in peony flower forcing process. The low temperature to break dormancy is very important. Generally, we should begin flower forcing after a period of time (below 4 after 7 weeks).

a.     temperature

Temperature is the key to flower forcing successful. Temperature rising is a slow and orderly process from low to high avoiding the process is sharp.

b. sunshine

Peony need long sunshine. Flower bud formation need long day and blossom need a little short sunshine. Therefore, we should pay attention to artificial fill light.

c. supplying fertilizer and water

Peony belongs to succulent root system. In addition to seedling reviving time, basin soil must be avoided too wet in other periods. Relative water content stays above 30%, but can't stay in more than 60% long-term. When peony is in show budding period, apply a few potassium dihydrogen phosphates in order to promote flower development.
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