Chinese yellow tree peony-Yao’s yellow,

This is a Classic variety. English name is Yao’s yellow, Chinese name is Yao Huang.
This midseason bloomer is a yellowish flowering variety with crown and sometimes golden circle form. Indulgent ruffles of soft yellow petals are carried above healthy green foliage. There are few plants that can compete with the beauty of a tree peony in full bloom. A mature plant can boast in excess of a hundred exotic blooms, each measuring up to 25cm (10") or more in diameter!
These exceptional shrubs are hardy and disease resistant, and will continue to bloom for a lifetime. This vigorous variety produces clusters of flowers at a young age. The flowers are large and full on strong stems on a medium sized plant. The outer petals of these flowers are stiff with purple basal blotches. The inner petals are wrinkled and crowded. It has medium sized green foliage that turns brilliant hues of red and orange in the fall. As most tree peonies, this plant is easy to grow and disease resistance. The exotic flowers of the tree peony are simply breathtaking in borders and make exquisite cut flowers for vases indoors.
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