Authority--Cut flower Variety Selection

China is rich in peony resources and varieties. Some varieties are excellent for cutting with ornamental value and high quality. While some varieties are not suitable for fresh cut flower. Choosing appropriate variety for Cut flower peony or not, impact on the quality of cut flower directly. According to the characteristics of different varieties, production, sellers and customers requirements, appropriate peony species for cut flower should have the following features:

1. Flowers are floriferous, productive, sustaining bloom in water raise long and enduring storage.

2. Flower form should be exquisite upright . Color is bright and soft. It will be better if color and form are special or with sweet fragrance.

3. Bud, avoiding the top part easy to crack, smoothes and assumes circular or circular with slightly pointed top.

4. Petals materials are hard. Flowers are moderate. Petals form need not too obviously.

5. Flower branch and peduncle, with strong anchorage force, are stiff upright and should be long enough for cut.

6. Petiole is short and applanate. Lamina is medium and small. Blade surface is flat and lustrous.

7. Plant is stout, with high germination and branching sprouted rates. They are resistant to diseases, insects, and have strong adaptability.


In addition, cut flower is based on different customers requirements to Supplier markets by varieties and colors. To ensure continuous supply market, cut flower production not only need enough varieties, colors, quantity and cultivated area, but also need Early, middle and late flowering varieties.


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