Peony ladies

Beijing opera is Chinese "national essence ". It has 200 years of history, and is renowned at home and abroad. It  also knowned as " yellow ". Beijing opera is composed of  " Sippy " and "two yellow" that basic tone of the  its music, it is also divided into two opera qupai based on place and sing some tunes. It begins with Daoguang years,and becomes popular in  Kangxi years. Now it has a deep impact on the world.
" Peony Pavilion " is the representative work of Peking Opera. It achieved much  praise from the young men and ladies who have pursuit of free love, strongly opposed the feudal spirit, and criticized the Cheng (Cheng Yi, Cheng Hao ) Zhu ( Zhu Xi ) science.At the same time they  upheld  justice and eliminated human desires "Peony Pavilion "is the representative work of ancient Chinese famous author Tang Xianzhu.


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