Do you know Chinese jade and peony are twins?

 In China’s thousands of years of history and culture, jade symbolizes nobility, purity, friendship, and good luck, being widely used as a keepsake among the people. People considered jade to be
beautiful, illustrious and noble, furthermore, peony contains many microelements beneficial to human body, if worn for a long time it can help nourish human body. Similarly, the elegant peonies of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Garden are the queen of all flowers and a symbol of riches and honor, and its odor has a pharmacological effect. Each time when you are strolling in the peony garden, you will always feel comfortable and refreshed, and your body will have a freer circulation of blood and vital energy. In a peony garden you will find fresher air around you, this is because peony flowers can help purify the air and play the role of an air pollution monitor---when there is any change in air pollution the petals of peony flowers may change their colors. Peony and jade are the two wonders of the Chinese culture, they are so similar in many ways but equally different in others, however, they are both delightful treasures nourishing human beings.


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