What is the difference bewteen tree peony and herbaceous peony

1.Peony is a deciduous shrub and a woody plant, while herbaceous peony is a
tuberous and herbal plant.

2.Tree Peony leaves are wide and the front side is slightly green or green yellow,
but herbaceous peony leaves are narrow with both sides being black-green.

3.The flowers of tree peony are formed in the top of squid and are mostly single,
while the flowers of herbaceous peony come at the top of branches and are

4.The flowering periods are different: tree peony flowers early but herbaceous
peony flowers late the two plants have a difference in flowering period of about
15 days.

Despite the difference in flowering period between tree and herbaceous peony,
the two types of peony have some similarities in growth habits and flower
characteristics as well on one hand, herbaceous peony tolerates both cold and
drought, has a strong adaptability, and is widely used in garden when planted
together with treepeony, it becomes a cover of the shortflowering period of its
sister. On the other hand, herbaceous peony has particularities such as highly
positioned and diverse stems, huge flowers, dark green leaves, long and straight
stems, etc it is also an excellent material for fresh cut flowers in our country and


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