Character of Rockii Tree Peony

 (This picture is taken from our peony nursery in June. We are busy  dividing the type of peonies.)

1、Character of Rockii Tree Peony
 1)Tall plant, can reach 2-3 m high, crown width 3-4 m.
 2)Big and bright flower, the diameter can reach 18-25 cm.
 3) Strong fragrance; the smell of one open flower can dominate that of 10 other open flowers from another Peony.
 4) Resistance to drought and frost; tolerance of salt and base. Can bear temperatures as low as -43°C; can still grow normally at pH above 7.The cultivation of Gansu Purpura Peony is simple and does not require strict management; it is less attacked by diseases and pests, but in hot and humid weather leaves will grow mould and present scorched leaf symptoms; a sterilizing can be sprayed on foliage to combat the disease.
2、The peony  planting seasons are fall and spring.
There are 3 ways of propagation: sowing, budding, and grafting. Sown seeds can blossom after five years; grafted and budded seedlings can blossom just after plantation, but need 2-3 years after the rejuvenation period to offer a better blossom.


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